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This leaderboard is open to all gamers who live in the United States of America.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueSteamAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 radiokid radiokid 816,111 No confidence in WOWOWOW KORONE BOX
2 Xeinok Xeinok | 788,327 Blue Ribbon in Stardew Valley
3 RoyalyChiefd RoyalyChiefd 494,360 Pull it Out! in Karnage Chronicles
4 Jesicu Jesicu 491,801 Blowing an Apollonian gasket in Cookie Clicker
5 dfgarcia dfgarciakeep it clean yo 456,503 EXTRA: Brave Story in Vampire Survivors
6 DrPixel DrPixelzzzzz 341,262 Lessons of Hemmingstedt in Europa Universalis IV
7 Gummydrop GummydropI wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. 253,168 DJMAX GRAND MASTER in DJMAX RESPECT V
8 Grafvolluth Grafvolluth 235,984 A First Time For Everything in Idle Wizard
9 WildSyde WildSydeSelf-discipline is tough because I'm the boss of me and that guy runs a real loose ship. 224,922 Sly Voltage in Team Fortress 2
10 TheCloser17 TheCloser17 212,136 Explorer in Brotato
11 Erebus Erebus 199,372 Uci in Cats Hidden in Bali
12 Shidira ShidiraNot dead yet, so that's a plus 190,910 Angling in Illyriad - Grand Strategy MMO
13 Admiral PewPew Admiral PewPew 190,809 Power Outage in Overwatch 2
14 Lynx Lynx 190,284 The Rampage in Demeo
15 Deathtroth 159,562 NEED A BIGGER BOAT in Sons Of The Forest
16 BauerHaus BauerHaus 154,280 We Love Katamari Damacy So Much in We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie
17 Shadowspaz Shadowspaz 141,457 Overdose in Buckshot Roulette
18 itsly itsly 137,187 Marine Dwellers Enjoyer in Chillquarium
19 preston preston 135,836 A SOLDIER's Honor in FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS
20 Gaffi Gaffi 132,269 Demolition Expert in THE FINALS
21 MacRaeBRB MacRaeBRB 123,532 PPU Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate Jigsaw
22 MrXen MrXenStream: - 116,776 Boss Fight 5 in Tiny Robots Recharged
23 cbp105 cbp105 116,136 Side Quest in Bloons TD 6
24 Novelistic NovelisticWould Thou Kindly? 110,346 The Living Portrait in Deceive Inc.
25 Zombiedude99 Zombiedude99Meh 102,857 Blue Ribbon in Stardew Valley
26 lvl100caterpie lvl100caterpieRIP A_Buddhist 102,381 Science is done by quantity in HELLDIVERS 2
27 Crash CrashVAPE NAYSH YALL 100,894 Bat out of Hell in Pipe Escape
28 DJJohnDouglas DJJohnDouglasGRIND 87,360 Five Star Soup in Cook, Serve, Delicious!
29 Pulsar Pulsar 83,176 The Runebarrows...On Foot! in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
30 graphixela graphixela 81,109 Floor 5 in IN THE BUILDING: CATS
31 Darviathar Darviathar 74,762 Age of Blood in Millennia
32 kleric42 kleric42 74,153 Doing your part in HELLDIVERS 2
33 Darkrynn Darkrynn 73,119 Could be Harder in Melvor Idle
34 S0METHING1313 S0METHING1313The true final boss is the backlog we acquired along the way. 73,072 Tiny seed's birth in An Arcade Full of Cats
35 Lordminato LordminatoLet's do this Texas style 72,337 Voyager of the Soul in Sea of Thieves
36 TailsTheFox TailsTheFox 71,555 Suprematism in Pikuniku
37 ViewerUSA ViewerUSAPraise Jesus 69,996 Against All in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
38 Goldfire64 Goldfire64 66,568 Green Thumb III in Dorfromantik
39 retrorocket1 retrorocket1 65,938 Melting Armor in GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath
40 shogunofnin shogunofnin 62,135 More Than Human in Ghostrunner
41 satania satania 54,651 WORLD`S END in DJMAX RESPECT V
42 Forgedbeats Forgedbeats 51,624 Pumpkin King in Distance
43 mrkitties420 mrkitties420The streak is over. Life has no meaning. 48,991 Invasive Tumor Removal in South Park: The Fractured But Whole
44 eljesus188 eljesus188 48,329 Short Wave in Gang Beasts
45 Pinski Pinski 45,541 Bite the dust in 7 Days to Die
46 x-herbana-x x-herbana-x 44,221 Wanderer in SurrounDead
47 Victorianoddities Victorianoddities 42,834 Three-Bit Gangster in Grand Theft Auto V
48 IntensoFOX IntensoFOXComplementando os jogos de PC da Microsoft. Obrigado Steam! 38,979 Grim Awakening in Death and Taxes Demo
49 Swoopert Swoopert 36,293 Muramasa in Vampire Survivors
50 centuri0n0 centuri0n0 30,236 Dungeon Cell II in A Castle Full of Cats
51 samfowl223 samfowl223 29,690 Timber Hoops in Golf With Your Friends
52 MrLightSite MrLightSite 26,203 Y2K Tree in Tree Simulator 2023
53 Skulls_n_Guns Skulls_n_Guns 23,885 Cheat the System in Distance
54 losinsanity losinsanity 18,304 Learned of the ancient past in Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
55 MineralSpirit MineralSpirit 17,933 Mission 19 in Sentinel 3: Homeworld
56 AParrette AParretteAiming for 90%. Too bad I have a backlog ok 1k games. 14,020 Alien_7363 in Achievement Hunter: Alien
57 Rhesileth Rhesileth 12,545 Captain in Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
58 Ovapositor OvapositorBeginning to question my dedication to Sparkle Motion 10,756 Riding the rails in Tracks - The Family Friendly Open World Train Set Game
59 yep2yel yep2yel 8,689 Taking Sides in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
60 OOG OOGTrue Evil 8,532 Squad Goals in Fall Guys
61 Zeonic_Muppet Zeonic_Muppet 7,573 Fully operational in HELLDIVERS 2
62 TremulanT TremulanTRIP C9/Optic at IEM Katowice. Best of luck in the future! 6,003 Four's a Party in Brawlhalla
63 speedygamers901 speedygamers901zup! 3 soon? 5,370 Perfect Weekend in NASCAR 15 Victory Edition
64 rabidinfection rabidinfection 4,388 We still don't know in Carpe Diem
65 jplabit jplabit 4,214 Final Makeover in American Truck Simulator
66 Cause CauseIs Steam being super slow for anyone else? 2,281 A New Beginning in Counter-Strike 2
67 The Lone Gunmen The Lone Gunmen 896 Third Signal in Antenna
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