• Titanium DragonTitanium Dragon121,843
    22 May 2020
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    Islanders is a very “chill” puzzle/city builder game.

    The game is very simple – your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible by placing buildings onto semi-randomly generated islands. The different buildings grant points by being within a certain range (variable by building) of each other, as well as various geographic features (like trees or flowers).

    There is no time pressure, and the soundtrack is very gentle music and ambient noise. It’s the sort of thing you can fiddle around with while doing something else, or focus on and not really be bothered by speed or anything else. It’s designed to be rather relaxing on the whole, and it mostly is, though if your goal is to rack up a very high score, it can yield a bit of a challenge.

    You need to get up to a certain point total on each island before moving to the next one, but you can keep on racking up more and more points on each island before moving on in order to maximize your score. The further you go, the more difficult it is to get enough points to move on to yet another island, and there’s an online leaderboard to compete on.

    Overall, this is a simple game that does what it is trying to do and nothing else. If you’re into action type stuff, this will probably bore you, but if you like score attack puzzle games, and games that are chill rather than intense, this might be up your alley