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BattleTech has been released and it has been monopolizing my gaming and social life the past week (also refereed by fans as HBS (Hairbrained Schemes' Battletech in order to differentiate it from the TableTeop.

I am a BattleTech tabletop game fan, having played most PC iterations of the game (MechWarriors both online and offline, MechCommander, MegaMek etc), hell, I have even played other mecha games due to not having any more BattleTech games to play (Front Mission series, Armored Core).

I was a backer of BattleTech but never tried the beta, on purpose. Let me tell you, this new Turn Based Game is everything I hoped for and then more. Not only is it VERY faithful to the Tabletop rules (not 100% mind you, and that's a good thing), it also has a very solid campaign story line. It even has multiplayer but I am not going to try this before finishing the campaign.

I had to restart the campaign once, so far, due to bankruptcy. Yup, game is brutal and holds no punches. I love how the campaign system seems so familiar to those that have read the Mercenary Field Manuals and Supplements sourcebooks from the Tabletop Version.

I also created a Tumblr page chronicling my Mercenary Company's exploits mainly via Cropped Screenshots (and a few words).

Only thing that could be better than BattleTech would be an amalgamation of MegaMek/MekHQ rules system with HBS BattleTech's engine.
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