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Have to go back to work Monday, so progress likely to slow again, however a month off has been unreal, very lucky.

Game wise, made some interesting progress since the last post.

Haven't really played any AOEII or Total War at all since I've been away from home.
Finished Turbo Dismount, the 1000 decapitations was a bit of a grind.
Tidied up Superhot a lot, the last 3 are probably out of reach for now. Cook Serve Delicious I will probably finish in the next couple of days, did turn out to be a fun game but none of the achievements were really that hard, and the last couple I have left are just about grinding them out.
Governor of Poker is a real grind but is actually quite fun so I don't mind. Clicker heroes is just a matter of waiting for mercs to die now. Need around 80 more deaths and hoping a LeeroyJenkins comes up.
While that's running I've also been leaving Universe Sandbox running. Its around 1400 starts and 13 days at the moment, will probably slow grind to a month of play then maybe open and close to 10000 openings, then leave it again, can't imagine the year of play one ever coming in without cheating and I'm not about that.
Got a prison over 1000 in Prison Architect, but I can't see myself getting the others anytime soon there.
Also managed to get Tumblestone down to the last two, but the are the seemingly impossible Nightmare Bot battles who I'm not even close to.

The Walking Dead game is probably next to play a bit more of, and then I might even start something new if I'm happy enough with getting to around 50%

Happy New Year anyone and everyone

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