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The myth of alpha males,and why the nerd Johnspartan married the prom queen
In humans, the very idea of the alpha male makes absolutely no sense. ask someone what they think an alpha male is and they usually respond. A confident assertive leader who knows what he wants and always gets his way, you know, somebody who says things like “get pumped up and muscle milk and hi I’m Vin Diesel and I’m the alpha wolf the leader of the pack” … Well all of that is wrong because alpha wolves don’t exist, in fact the term alpha wolf was disavowed by the very scientists who popularized it. The story starts in 1970 while doing research in the national park a wildlife biologist named Dave Mech… Mech seemed to observe that one wolf emerged as the dominant male. He wrote a book on the idea and it became a best seller and media sensation. For the next 30 years Mech tried to replicate his research in the wild, it was then that he realized he had made a huge mistake. That those weren’t dominant wolves they were mommy and daddy wolves, and that wolves don’t have a hierarchy at all they’re just parents. He then realized that he must alert the masses to his error. Dave Mech the creator of the term alpha wolf renounced the term alpha wolf and spent years trying to get his own book taken off the shelves trying to convince people alpha wolves aren’t real. But it was too late the term had taken on a life of its own and we haven’t stopped using it ever since. So alpha wolves are just parents, in his own words Dave Mech says “you can call them the breeding female and male or just the mother wolf and father wolf” his 2-and-a-half-minute video is definitely worth a watch.
Now comes the part where someone spouts out “alpha males are found in chimps our closest genetic relative”, and now I get to say you’re wrong you overly aggressive hipster douchebag… First of all, chimps aren’t our closest genetic relatives. Bonobos are and bonobos live in a matriarchal society. So, keep that in mind next time you’re in the club and a group of aggressive females plows through the group of y’all and holds the palm of their hand to your face as you try to get a word out… ouch!... Now’s when this same hipster exclaims “the alpha male is the most dominant most aggressive bro and that means he has first access to food resources and of course chick’s aka mates” And I say wrong again you victim of a bad haircut and poor fashion choices. Contrary to popular belief in chimps the most aggressive male doesn’t always become the leader, smaller and more mild-mannered males can actually become dominant by doing favors and obsessively grooming other chimps, and not the strongest most aggressive male (aka douchebag) is not the alpha. Unlike chimp’s human social hierarchies are constantly in flux, so even if you are the dominant male in that little corner of the nightclub, or even a military group, all it takes is to plop the hipster macho grunting gearhead or whatever into say, a dungeons and dragons group, he would be eaten alive and the chicks would be the first attackers… ouch!
Unlike animals no one is the same type of person in all situations, human society is much more complicated than that, so to say that this or that guy is an alpha male, or that guy is a beta male makes absolutely no sense. Because research shows that agreeableness, kindness and generosity are among the strongest indicators of a long happy relationship… Now is when the uptight overly aggressive macho hipster douchebag says, “no way the most aggressive male gets the most tail and those are beta traits”. And once again I get to inform this belching, poorly dressed victim of too much aftershave… “oh well I guess betas are the alpha of love! so go back to your little circle of dudes and continue smashing beer cans on your forehead, whilst I take the prom queen home”. Side note; I married the prom queen some 40 years ago, still married to her and I’m what was called a Nerd back in the 70’s. (but only behind our backs cuz it wasn’t cool like it is now)
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