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PermalinkWhat's your next step?
This might sound odd, but what is your next step in the gaming community?

This can be making a long list of games you are awaiting to play or purchase. Or it could be the games you quite haven't picked up in such a long time, that maybe now is your chance to get that game completed

Also, this could be contributing to finding cheater here on TSA or cleaning up some of the hackers on Steam. Anything that you may desire will contribute to the TSA and Steam community

Mostly because I am courious about what the whole TSA community has to offer in 2018
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PermalinkBugged achievement? Here's how to report it
Usually all you have to do is make a thread with the game name and the achievement that is bugged. We often hop onto these threads including the ones with these issues so that we can make the website more accurate to gamers so that their stats aren't wrong.

If we don't respond (which is unlikely) then you can PM anyone found on this list (TrueSteamAchievements Staff). Sometimes the staff won't respond but we can input some work to Administrators and Developers so that the issue can be resolved safely and calmly

If there is any other issues regarding the achievement after we have responded correctly, you can contact support by using this link (https://truesteamachievements.com/contactus.aspx)
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PermalinkStats detected wrong? Here's how to fix it!
In order to fix stats being read wrong you have to be aware that both Steam and TrueSteamAchievements are reading different completed games and achievements. Most cases after a few days the scanners will auto-update according to what's read on the Steam Profile but that's not the case for many others.

If your stats haven't updated after waiting 2-3 days then you can contact support using the Contact Us selection which can be found at the MAIN MENU Drop-Down Tab. You can also PM thirtysmooth with your issue and he will potentially put your card on queue for a full re-scan to attempt recovering missing stats

If your card updates shortly after sending either support or thirtysmooth a message regarding the stats not reading right, you can reply to them saying that the issue has been resolved and there is no need to go further into fixing the issue
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PermalinkWhat's in mind for this new account
So for this new account I have the intentions of only posting News onto this account to further prevent complaints for illegitimate achievements and other reasons unexplainable.

So why don't you keep posting on the main account?: Long story short, I had acquired multiple illegitimate achievements which broke many Terms Of Service leading to my main being Untracked. I have tried all I can do to remove and eliminate this threat from my main, but ending still with being Untracked. So, I have decided that me and punky would sort this out instead of removing me from the team, and this was the final option

For anyone wondering, don't cheat the achievements even if they are unobtainable and leave your account with a odd completion number. There are many users who have computed what was achievble and what wasn't achievable to better find the SAM users. It's NOT worth being Untracked because of an unobtainable achievement

This is a website that reflects the skill required to obtain as many achievements you possibly can, leading to a cheater free leaderboard. There are countless other sites that serve the same purpose as us, but instead allow multiple cheaters to climb their leaderboards and not be stopped.

Again, I don't condone using SAM for unlocking achievements because your account will be investigated completely and will be placed against you if finding multiple illegitimate achievements. The investigations team (Which their identity is hidden for obvious reasons) don't put these punishments to accounts that didn't break their Cheater Policy. So don't lie, because they know

Here is the cheater policy -> Cheat Policy
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PermalinkWelcome to my Official Account...
So not most of you will be coming from my Blog post on HughyJuspur

But this will be my established TSA Newshound account for quite some time

If there are any issues with my Username being TSA Patrick or any questioning required about why I have made this account to transfer my TSA Newshound Status then PM me and I will get back within 24 Hours of being sent
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