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I want to shout out a huge thanks for bringing this game to Steam. Steam is basically my only go-to platform for Steam games. Steam previously only had one Tetris game, but it has bad reviews, so I never bought it. Now that this game is here, I pre-ordered and it did NOT disappoint!

I didn't have any expectations for its story mode, but the voice acting and the script are superb. Schezo is my favorite character. He's a magic swordsman with a very menacing personality. He's a predator to himself and others. Haha!

Tetris is a great game. Puyo Puyo isn't as fast-paced (at least not with my skill) but very awesome to have. Unlike other bundles, this game is definitely a cross-over, but with Puyo Puyo's lore and cartoonish theme at the center of it all. I mean, Tetris doesn't have a developed world like Puyo Puyo. It just has its typical gameplay, its narrator, some modes, and a theme song. Puyo Puyo has a ton of characters with personality and magic spells.

Imagine if Mario Kart lets you play as Mario as the only character. That's Tetris. Puyo Puyo would let you play as Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, the whole cast. I guess that's great for Tetris for crossover opportunity. You could build your theme around Tetris like Tetris DS did with Nintendo franchises.

The strange thing is... even though Tetris is popular, the game has an odd online mode. No one ever does free play or hosts rooms.

It makes me wonder if there's crossplay. I know the game is also available on Switch and PS4.

Things I want: More Story. A rematch button for online. A sprint mode for Puyo Puyo. Big Bang to focus on 4 wide instead of the basic Tetris drop in the slot.
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