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There's been a ton of games recently taking advantage of Steam's policy of not making rules regarding their achievement platform and leaving it up to devs to decide how they wish to implement achievements. This caused games to directly target the (fairly small) achievement community by adding more and more achievements to their games. If there is any cap on achievements, it hasn't been found yet. Tonight, I finished Zen vs Zombie which unlocks over 10,000 achievements just by having the game open.

I've always enjoyed earning achievements on many platforms and enjoy tracking my progress on many sites. The current Steam achievement situation is completely absurd. However, I will continue to play these 'achievement spam' games until either Steam finally starts caring about their achievement system or the value of Steam achievement tracking sites becomes meaningless from tons of games with 100k achievements. I actually do enjoy playing many of these spam games (Zup for instance is a really fun series of games) and I'm just really interested to see where we'll be in even one month's time since it seems so many devs are hopping on this achievement spam train.

I just felt the need to put this here based on my Steam gaming habits recently. It's a mixed feeling of the fun of seeing your points go a lot higher on various tracking web sites but then realizing that the whole system is going to come crashing down soon. Now it's time for me to buy a lot more points in this Steam sale! laugh
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