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PermalinkThis account is no longer TSA Newshound
Due to some unexpected turn of events, I am switching my TSA Newshound Status over to my official TSA Account where I will not be playing games or achieveing achievements because it's community blocked ($5 Intital Fee to use features)

So here is my Staffing Account where I will be posting Blog posts about what I vent or stuff but no longer will I be using this here account for TSA Newshound Publishes and other relating subjects

Official TSA Account -> TSA Patrick

I will be posting here still, but not a frequent as I would on my new TSA Account
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PermalinkI made it!
YES, I made the team!

Oh I have never been so happy in my ENTIRE LIFE!

Anyways, here's the link to my first news article (PUBG Patch Brings Bans and Other Fixes)

Cheers to many more
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PermalinkLets hope...
So, on January 12th I said that I might be joining the TSA News Hound Team if I got a response from the Contact Us Support Team here at TSA.

Yesterday, I recieved a response from the Contact Us Support (Punkyliar) stating that he has recieved my app and that there are going to be a few final check ups on my application before I am introduced to the TSA Team potentially here in a few days

Now, I am not going to promise that this means I am for sure becoming part of the team, as things can change mid-process and could stop me entirely. But this tells me and the rest of TSA that I might have some more work to do, not spilling the beans just yet (January 31st, Revealing my Info about my project/ideas)

Anyways, I will be putting all I have into the TSA News Hound Team and allowing myself to adapt comfortably where I am pleased to work. Expect if I join some new news about upcoming Steam Games and potentially other amazing news that revolves around Steam in general

See you all in a few days!
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PermalinkSite issues (My opinions)
So over the past few months I seen some pretty out-dated software and other items regarding TSA

So lets start with Marketing Scanners, they are the ones that scan the Steam Store page and automatically updates the TSA prices with the matching ones on Steam. Quite honestly, they don't work anymore. It has been far to long for some of these prices to be the same, looking into the issue, they are working but they are quite outdated

Secondly: Gaming news, Community News, Site News, etc are no longer being posted regularly (Last Post was 3 months ago). I myself have applied for the TSA News Hound Team to bring in more information and the keep the site going, not saying that it isn't going as it is. If we can get more, we can have news flowing every which way and that's what makes a website great

Lastly: Challenges and Community Events. This website from my knowledge has yet to release a Community Event or Challenge. Like TA, they release challenges every so often to get their games enticed to compete for prizes. We need these in this website

I am done rambling, you decide wether I am right or wrong here...
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PermalinkI have already started my journey...
As you might have not noticed, I am currently sitting at 257K which before was 180K

I will be the top 100
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