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PermalinkMy New Years Resolution
So, this year I intend to complete more games and reach a higher TA score

But this isn't my New Years Resolution, it is to become one of the biggest people on TSA and this might get hate, or people may say that I am "Over achieving and shooting to high" but what I have to say to these people is that I can achieve what ever I please if I invest the time and work into it, giving my all and all that I can give

My intentions are to make sure that at any moment throughout the journey, to blog my ideas and the thoughts that move through my head. Complete as much as I humanly can and pertain my dreams for the TSA Top 100 Leaderboards. If I come across an issue that stops my progress and I can't continue, the first place I'll look is here, to blog my issue and never, ever let loose because if I do then that means I am not giving my all to this resolution


How I will achieve this?: I will achieve this by playing many, and mostly the most rewarding TSA games on the website, some including Guns of Icarus Online and It's Village. If I need to, I will purchase some small rewarding games that may spark my interest and that can be easy to complete regarding my lack of achievement hunting skills

What's my time frame/outlook before begining?: My time frame is from January 20th to December 31st which leaves me with quite alot of time to complete the games I need to in order to fully commit on being one of the top 100 on the website. My thoughts right now are basically me preparing myself for the worst, and prepping for those times before anything else happens that slows my progression. This means that if I have to leave my PC, I have the required TA score and making sure that I have some games prepped for the ready when I need to

How much money will I loose during the process?: I tend to keep the money speding issue to a low and to make sure that I don't spend more than $1000 this year on my Steam account. This makes the budget level for games pretty low, and forcing me to play cheap, thriller type games rather than instantly jumping ahead towards the big, name branded games like Call of Duty or Assasinss Creed. I am also doing this to keep my mind from flooding into one game, but to give enough to branch out to other franchises that may become part of my "2018 Ones to Play" list

What is the "2018 Ones to Play" list?: This is going to be the first time I make a list on any platform. This list compiles the games that I see fit, and to make sure that my taste is open to the world. This list gives you the gamer some game ideas that may spark your interest, and me the attention that the list deserves for playing and finding what I think the community may love to play. So far, I don't have any games to add to the list, but again this is the beggining of 2018 so there are many more games to arrive to Steam that may cut the requirments to be on the "2018 Ones to Play" list
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PermalinkI might become part of the TSA Team?
As this might come as a suprise, I have contacted support and offered my assistance to help the News Hounds of the website mainly because there isn't much news being posted anymore!

I feel as if this might be a new step for not only me, but others aswell because there will be news being posted daily be me (If I make it in) and the countless others that are part of the well beloved TSA News Hound Team

As that information stands, I sent the Contact Us for TSA a message regarding the TSA News Hound Team and explained my reasoning behind wanting to hop onto their team

I have sent the app this morning and I am awaiting a response from them again! If I don't make it, do not worry my children because I will still be on TSA and as I might not be part of the team, I can still post on my Blog as "A Flawed Attempt"

- HughyJusur
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PermalinkI may be leaving Steam Gaming...
Lately, the more I dived into Xbox gaming I put more time into my Xbox than my PC

I don't think that I will be going for Steam achievments that much anymore, the less I play on my PC results in lost time that could be spent on finishing some games that were sitting in my library

Countless times I want to pick up the mouse and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I can't because I get bored to easily and the thought of playing my PC with having my Xbox doesn't drive me to play PC games anymore

Now that doesn't mean that i'll be for sure leaving TrueSteamAchievments and my page dry, I will be upkeeping my Blog page and making sure that anything that needs tending to I can provide the proper attention to it

For now, I will leave you all with this bit, I will be returning sometime down the road and not forgetting where I started. TrueSteamAchievments will be the one and only
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PermalinkI have some work to do...
So in 2017, I arisin with the 6.5K achievments I collected and now I am looking into completing many more games in 2018

I don't have a specific idea of where I am going to hit when it comes to TA score or just plain achievments for Steam. Regarding that statement, I will take my time, we could this all night and I might not complete anything

All hopes for the gamers out there that 2018 will come with insane streaks and much more... Hopefully you get more games
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