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Since my last blog entry, quite a lot has happened, I've gone to a lot of concerts, one of my friend's bands have begun an amazing career, I've beaten more games, gotten upgraded consoles, played a sport, and much more!

______The Plans______
My plans to get an original Xbox were successful and I found out I didn't need to get a Japanese Region locked Xbox 360 in order to play Oblivion GOTY (JP) since evidently the region lock was removed on backwards compatibility on Xbox One, so that was some good news!

______The Concerts______
I went to a few concerts, one of the more recent ones was a Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, and Crown The Empire concert (I'm a bit of an emo music lover in case you couldn't tell) that was a fantastic concert, the mosh pit was amazing, and the people were super friendly in it too which is always nice!
Another one I went to was Hollywood Undead, who put on an amazing show, good pyrotechnics and a great mosh pit (You'll come to learn if I continue to write about concerts that I love a good mosh pit)
I went to a Krizz Kaliko concert as well, unfortunately as much as I enjoy his music, the openers put more effort into the show than he did, and it was just kind of disappointing.
Luckily I also went to a Tech N9ne and Stevie Stone concert, I had heard for awhile that Tech puts on a great show, but to see it in person was another thing altogether, not only is he a very skilled linguist and rapper, but he puts on one HELL of a show

My mate's band opened up for a Silverstein concert late last year, and opened up for a Secrets and Slaves concert during the summer, and just last week they opened up again for Secrets, both the aforementioned BVB, AA, and CTE, concert and the Secrets concert were this last week, the mosh pits were great, needless to say I am super sore, but my mate's are growing their band and are planning to tour this year! Check them out on YouTube, Spotify, or Pandora their band name is "Of Truth"

______The Consoles______
Last year I picked up the PSVR and that was a real treat, I grabbed the Skyrim VR Bundle, and that has been a lot of fun thus far, and I really need to put some more time into that! The option to use the Dualshock 4 or the PS Move Controllers is nice, but I prefer the PS Move controllers feel when in VR. I also upgraded my PS4 to a PS4 Pro and it was a great decision!

______The Sport______
I finally joined up on a recreation league locally for Hockey, after many years not playing, (I haven't played on a team since I was 6.) at the end of the season right now we are 2nd in the division, going into playoffs, a couple games back I also managed to get my first goal, my captain got me the puck, my teammates taped it up and we put my name, the game score, and the time of goal on it. So that's a pretty cool tradition!

______The More______
I have been trying a few new restaurants in my new neighborhood since I moved in November, the area of town I was in before was on the border between a nice upper middleclass area of town and the ghetto area of town, but more towards the nice area, anyways, the new place is in a Upper Class Neighborhood that screams hipsterville (ugh, but so much good stuff too XD) there's 2 juice bars, a vintage clothes store, 2 yoga centers, a craft brewery, mini grocery store, and a stone oven pizza place, all within 2 blocks of my house, so that's pretty cool.

______The Video Creator Aspect______
I've began to expand my area of streaming from just YouTube recently and I have begun streaming on Twitch on a regular basis, as well with this addition I will be beginning streaming on Mixer and Twitch from my Xbox One as well! So stay tuned for livestreams, if you're interested in talking with me or other viewers or would like notifications whenever a stream starts, join my discord at Discord.gg/E9VtHa3
And if you wish to follow my streaming profiles:

So far this has been a great 2018, and I hope that I didn't bore you guys to death! Thank you to anyone who read this far and have a great rest of your 2018, I'd also like to hear what kind of concerts or sports you guys have been participating in lately! Lemme know :)
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