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It's been a while since I'm having thoughts about my steam games. My game collection is getting bigger and bigger and seeing all those incompleted achievements standing there made me feel "guilty" because I myself I am a perfectionist kind, towards myself only regarding self-image, human interaction and being the best in the things I like and those I'm interested. That doesn't mean I aim others close to me to have a certain look because that's how I want me to be, it's only about me here.

This is the day 28.09.17 that I've found this website truesteamachievements and I feel it can help me complete my personal quest to get all my achievements available from my steam library. I plan to play games I only like and I do not plan to achieve 100% in games that I dislike.

Curently I'm playing Witcher 2 for the first time and I'm aiming to get all those achievements available on steam. We shall see how this quest of mine will hold to get 100% avarage completion rate according to STEAM.
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