I've finished my True Steam Achievements walkthrough for Final Fantasy VIII. Now, onto my walkthrough for Final Fantasy IX.


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So, I haven't been on Steam in awhile as I finished up my incomplete games on the 360 before moving on to Destiny (360) and now I am playing the Xbox One version. Now, Destiny was a fantastic game on the 360, if a bit buggy. The Xbox One version is a whole new experience, and not just due to the graphical update. The fact that Bungie stopped updating the legacy console version means there exists considerable differences between the 360 and One.

Plus, now I actually get to play Rise of Iron. However, at some point, I will get back to playing Steam games. I will most likely be continuing with Civilisation V if and when I have the time. Fantastic game, and so many random, hilarious moments. Like the time I tried to be neutral but accidentally ended up alienating everybody, resulting in America and Germany falling out, and then Germany going insane and invading literally everybody.

The sheer number of Steam achievements available for that game is pretty damn spiffy. Another game I really enjoyed was Final Fantasy VI. People were crapping all over the Steam version, yet it was nothing short of excellent. These people are probably the same morons who, after being told not to congregate in large crowds due to the Corona Virus, immediately went out and flooded supermarkets to panic buy Toilet Paper of all things.

I am still (slowly) working on my FFVIII walkthrough for TSA. In between working, going to the gym, no longer having a second vehicle, and working on becoming a teacher, I have just about enough free time to play games. Right now, the call volume at work has actually dipped down to pre-2018 levels, allowing me quite a bit of free time between calls. So, basically, I've started working on it whilst in between calls at work, which is what I am doing now with this blog post.

Right, that's about it, actually. So, thank you for reading my blog post, I hope you have a great day.

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Thanks mate!

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