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PermalinkFinally hitting 1 million achievements!
Wow finally I got 1 million achievements :D Wow what a long journey and I finally did it!
(TSA missing a lot of my achievements lol)

After near a year of playing and waste my money on terrible games, now I can stop and go back to play with real games, no more buying fake spam games! I'm getting enough with it now and sick of broken achievements too. Also it not fun anymore after TSA capped all of spam games achievements but it's good because it helps me to lost the interesting with TSA leaderboad and help me to save my money!

Still proud to be one of them very few gamers who have 1 million achievements! :)

So what I'm going to do now? I will be force on my PS4! I have 93 platinums and I want to get 100! :D



P.S - Yes I have a life, I have a job and a car. Also love to visiting around the world :3
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