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TSA Score for this game: 120
Posted on 05 June 17 at 09:20
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From Berzerk Studio comes Zombidle: REMONSTERED. Released in May 2017, this is a clicker game with a bit of an advancement on the rest of clicker games. You fight as Bob, the local Necromancer, collecting and hiring zombies and other hoards of the dead to wreak havoc in a small town, destroying all their barns and fighting bosses that look like wizards.

Repetitive for sure, but there's more to this clicker game than most. First of all, the achievements -
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Another thing that really makes this more enjoyable - the fact you don't have to actually click to get click damage. As long as Bob is awake, you can tap any key on the keyboard and he fights. It makes it so much easier and much less arm aching than most clicker games. The soundtrack as well its absolutely stellar. It's not often I come across a game with a metal soundtrack, and one that's as great as the one in Zombidle definitely deserves some recognition. Although, the sounds of people screaming as they run around on fire is definitely annoying after some time - same sound effect, going on for varying lengths of time - sometimes goes on for a few seconds after you close the game - that does get annoying.

I didn't know what to expect from Zombidle; I thought it was going to be just another clicker game, in the mild horror genre - like a weaker version of Insanity Clicker - but, my oh my, this game is so incredibly fun to play. I really wasn't expecting it, so if you like different versions of clicker games, I would definitely recommend this one! There's tons of different achievements you can get - heck, you get an achievement for taking selfies in game. What's not to love?

Definitely recommend this one to anyone and everyone!
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TSA Score for this game: 659
Posted on 18 December 17 at 01:52
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This is my review of this lovely game!

So I have quite the expirence when it comes to this game, meaning I have every achievment in the game, this meaning that I know the jig

This game overtakes any idle game to date, I played countless hours and delayed my soul to finish this game

To complete the game, just continue playing. Not that this game might bore you to death. Notice that the game does indeed have the special option of IDLE. I abused it, mainly to achieve 100% completion on the game

Overall, the game is a solid 5 stars because I don't every get enticed by idle games. Play the game now, you wont regret it
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