Varmalis Demo Achievements

Full list of all 17 Varmalis Demo achievements.

  • Lifeline

    The door to apartment A209 is gone. But I found a way out.

  • Wooden ruler

    I used a wooden ruler to cut the power off in the basement.

  • The apartment of my memory

    I have the key to B304, the apartment of my fake murder memory.

  • Discernment arcanum

    I manipulated the tarot cards to get a small key.

  • I don't recognize my own city anymore

    Town: I visited all the places in the town marked on the map with an eye.

  • Dead leaves

    Town: This is the first time I've noticed all these documents scattered around the town. I found them all.

  • Ghosts from the past

    Apartments: There was a lot of documents in this abandoned building. I found most of it.

  • Burnt tale book (Chapter 2)

    Apartments: documents left by the occupants led me to this old burnt tale book. Where is the first chapter? And what is the meaning of this story...?

  • Sense of priority

    Apartments: I got out of the abandoned building in less than 2 hours. I don't have time to waste, I need to know who the real killer is.

  • Sense of direction

    Apartments: I came out of the abandoned building by opening the map less than 100 times. It's like I already know this place, my false memories guide me.

  • Healthy body, unhealthy mind

    Apartments: I came out of the abandoned building always keeping my life energy above half. I prefer not to take any reckless risks.

  • Slalom

    Apartments: I left the abandoned building without taking any damage. I don't allow myself any mistakes. I have to keep my health intact, as long as possible.

  • Cleaning

    Apartments: I got out of the abandoned building by killing all the monsters I encountered. I'd rather make sure they're dead than have them lurking around and risk getting caught.

  • My name is Vincent Varmalis

    I sometimes see visions of my false murder memory. It's sticking to me. It's my face, it's even my name...

  • The bottom is the top

    Apartments: I threw a stone into a hole in the basement. Later, I saw it fall from the ceiling on the third floor. This is a madhouse.

  • A too big hat

    Apartments: I entered apartment A109. But my mind is still there...

  • The deads are lying

    Apartments: The phone in the caretaker flat was ringing. I took the call. It was my grandfather Henry. He died more than fifteen years ago.