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Posted on 07 May 18 at 23:50
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Train Journey is touted as a short visual novel (VN) with a "hot" story. To be brutally honest, only 50% of that is true. As a hint, I will only say that the "short story" is barely 30-40mins, so very short. And to keep up on this honesty path, charging money for this rubbish of a VN is sickening; but I blame Steam for accepting any trash these days without filtering under the guise of being visual novels.

I won't bother with a review, not worth my time, a look at all the negative scores should be a clear indication.

+ I was so happy when I decided to uninstall it

- Hardly an erotic story, more like a naughty fantasy short from a teenager
- It is 3 pages, perhaps 4 pages long (if you were to read it from a book)
- So many bugs!! It is a frustration of black screens, freeze ups and restarts
- You can't skip the text, which loads at a snail pace, ending up in more frustration
- No saves (or auto-save), which forces you to finish it in one go (unless the above two happen)
- Abstract art blatantly ripped off "imgur" images and passed through low res watercolor effect
- Achievements galore, currently 992, all classified as spam (total of 1877 before steam's crack down)
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