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7. Episode Five | No going back

Episode Five - No Going Back

We start this episode where we left it in Episode Four, in the middle of a massive gunfight between the groups, with several people being injured or killed in the process. Very early in the episode you will have a choice of your actions between heading towards Luke or fetching Aj Jr. How each action plays out is in spoiler tags below.

Save Aj -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Head For Cover -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Kenny will then grab Arvo to convince the others to stop firing. However, it backfires with his sister reanimating which you need to deal with. During the confusion, Jane will reappear dealing with the last guy. After a short conversation with Jane your group will stand around Rebecca, morning her loss with an achievement earned. Afterwards, your group will take Arvo with them as a promise of food is too enticing.

Blood and Iron in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Blood and Iron11

Made it out alive.

  • Unlocked by 2,328 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

Your group will head off with another stimulating conversation with Jane, who will point out that she thinks Kenny is at his breaking point. Any replies you make do not really have any repercussions so don't worry and enjoy the peace. Your group will have a brief rest due to Luke being unable to carry his weight on his shot leg. You get a chance to converse with Luke and are told to clean Kenny's eye.

You'll need to do some button presses to apply it to Kenny's eye while you converse with him even able to look at the damage done by carver. Shortly afterwards your group will be prompted to leave by Bonnie. Upon doing so earns the Miles To Go achievement:

Miles To Go in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Miles To Go11

Took a breather.

  • Unlocked by 2,326 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

Your group will stumble upon an abandoned power plant and your group will opt to stay the night, along with a brief moment of bonding with Aj. This is probably your only chance to have a toasty, quiet moment with you and your group. Once you regain control, you can look around, talk to Arvo and then offer both Jane and Kenny drinks.

Once your group is gathered around the fire, eventually Mike will want to share some of the drink with Arvo. However, it will not go down as expected. Upon doing so you will earn the "Right of Frost" achievement as the night ends.

Right of Frost in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Right of Frost11

Stopped for the night.

  • Unlocked by 2,324 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

Your journey will continue the next day with Arvo leading your group and Luke not doing so well with his limb. After a walker attack you will find the building Arvo was talking about, not looking so good. I would advise, when asked about the ice, to mention about going slowly on it which may cause less problems. Walkers will close in with Arvo bolting causing the group to panic.

However, things never go as planned. It appears Luke is stuck on a bit of fragile ice. Below, once again, are spoilers; depending on your actions, things may change.

Help Luke -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Cover Luke -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Center Cannot Hold in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Center Cannot Hold11

Reached the other side.

  • Unlocked by 2,326 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

After the aforementioned events Jane will rush to help you, taking you inside the house. Kenny will blame Arvo for the event unfolding and start beating him down. You can yell at him to stop which he will or rush to Arvo's side and get hit in the process; your call.

Afterwards the group will blame Kenny while Jane starts to make a fire. After waking from the nap Jane will offer you some food with Kenny coming in shortly after to ask for help getting a ride sorted.

While fixing the truck Kenny will talk about the past with you. Afterwards, he asks you to go inside. On your way you can talk to others, explore outside or even talk to Bonnie. Jane will talk to you once more inside the house about how Kenny is acting, and when the time comes, what you will do. Shortly after Kenny will get it working with the group excited, debating where to go and about Kenny being upset. After a conversation he will opt to sleep.

You will wake up in the middle of the night hearing noises. When you go to check them out you will find members of your group near the truck. This can play out two ways to get to the same ending, just depending on how you get there. Both are below in the spoilers:

Join Mike / Give Gun -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Threaten Mike / Don't choose to go with him -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Afterwards you will wake up noticing someone who should not be here talking to you. Once the conversation is finished you will earn another achievement and will wake up in the back of a truck.

All the Dark Night in The Walking Dead: Season 2

All the Dark Night11

Made it through to morning.

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Once you do, you will speak with Jane and Kenny who are arguing about what the plan will be. This will go on for some time and you can either pick a side or remain between them. Either way, it plays out roughly the same with your path being blocked by cars. Once you reach this point you will gain another achievement:

We Slowly Drove in The Walking Dead: Season 2

We Slowly Drove11

Reached the terminus.

  • Unlocked by 2,325 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

Kenny will get out, instructing you to bolt if the worse comes to worse. Wait for Kenny until gun shots are heard. You are then tasked to drive which is bound to go just perfect. Once you stop, shoot the zombie blocking your path and then head outside.

Once outside you will see Jane walk off into the snow, with another walker grabbing you. Shoot it and then you will attempt to follow. As you walk around in the snow there are a couple of walkers you can shoot which you should do for safety purposes. Eventually you will reach the rest stop that Kenny mentioned earlier, earning another achievement for your efforts:

Kindly Stop for Me in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Kindly Stop for Me11

Found your way through.

  • Unlocked by 2,322 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

Once here, Kenny will go off the deep end that Aj has been left with Jane and attempt to try and find her. Shortly after, Jane will reappear with her and Kenny getting into a fight with each other, where you'll play the peacemaker which will ultimately fail. When you head outside, this is where the fight's climax is with Kenny on top of Jane. There are different ways it can end, spawning from two simple choices below which arear in spoiler tags:

Shoot Kenny -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Look Away -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

We find out that AJ is entirely fine with his whole death being nothing more than a lie. Depending on who survived the encounter, you forgive their actions and stay with them, or condemn them for going off alone. Once again, they are inside spoiler tags should you choose not to know.

Wellington Ending

These endings can only be obtained by staying with Kenny. If you don't forgive him for killing Jane, these endings are not obtainable; if you don't, see the "Lone Survivor" ending.

This ending shows Kenny and Clem joking around as they approach Wellington, which is no longer taking people in due to being overpopulated. Kenny barters for you and AJ to stay. Below is how each choice can play out:

Stay With Kenny -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Leave Kenny and Enter Wellington -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Howe's Ending

This ending can only be obtained if Jane survived and you forgave her actions. If not, then you will get the "Lone Survivor" ending at the bottom.

You and Jane will end up heading back to Howe's with there being food aplenty, seeing carvers mangled corpse. A family will approach you asking for you to help them; you will untimately have two choices to make:

Let Them Stay -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Drive Them Away -

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Lone Survivor Ending

You time jump nine days where the snow has finally stopped. Clem crosses a field with Aj towards a heard of walkers, prepared for the lone survivor route. Both their fates are unknown as the episode ends shortly after.

All The Dead Lie Down in The Walking Dead: Season 2

All The Dead Lie Down11

Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"

  • Unlocked by 2,321 tracked gamers (81% - TSA Ratio = 1.10) 2,863

This wraps up Season Two of The Walking Dead. Hopefully we will see you once again when Season Three hits and we find out how our different endings start off a brand new season.

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