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5. Episode Three | In harm's way

Episode Three - In Harm's Way

Depending on your choices from the last episode, this may turn out slightly different with members of your party being captured. However, it will play out the same with Luke still missing and his whereabouts unknown.

When you gain control, interact with the butterfly on the tree which will then prompt a conversation with Sarah. You are then reunited with your kidnappers and are forced back to their compound all tied up. En route, another conversation will happen between your group members.

Before the van stops you will be asked by Kenny to assist with the plan, and regardless of what you pick, it won't pan out how you expect. Afterwards you will be awarded with your first achievement of the episode.

Fresh Fish in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Fresh Fish11

Arrived at your new home.

  • Unlocked by 2,525 tracked gamers (88% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

As you are lead into your new home you will have a minor conversation with Sarah until you are lead to your new room. Depending on how events went in the last episode regarding deaths at the cabin, you may or may not have one of your members separated from you, after which you will have a conversation and have a chance to look around.

In the far left you can talk to Mike. Examine the fish statue, look at the woman from earlier, the beds, Nick (if saved), shelves, soil, fence gap, fence, hose reel, barbed wire, rope and a ladder. When you get close to the gate however, it will prompt a cutscene forcing you to sleep, so if you want to talk to any member of the group, do so first.

As you awake to a brand new day you will be forced to get up and have a word with your new leader, Bill. After the events play out you will be forced into a new area to have some private time with Bonnie, who seems sincere about the actions of the last episode. After the talk with Bonnie, you will then be relocated to another area.

You will be taken to the green house where you will find Sarah shaken by the previous encounter, after a conversation with her. Reggie will then show you how to prune the plants; however, during it you will see Sarah not doing the work required so you can either help her or not. Either way, one of you will be in trouble along with Reggie. so watch how it plays out, earning your next achievement:

Long Way Down in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Long Way Down11

Witnessed a murder.

  • Unlocked by 2,509 tracked gamers (88% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

You will once again head back down to Bonnie who will have a small errand for you to run. When you do you will find Kenny arguing with another man, which won't last long as you are attacked by walkers. Follow the on-screen prompts until you are rescued. There are two parts where it is about choice of what weapons to use, but either way it still plays out the same.

Head back to Bonnie where you will be grabbed hold of. Upon finding out who it is, you will be given conversation options. You will be tasked with finding a radio, which we know is not an easy feat, but for now resume the episode and head as instructed to Bill.

As you head to Bill you will find Rebecca sobbing, only to find the reason shortly afterwards and have a conversation with Bill. When it is finished you will be dismissed, earning yet another achievement for the episode:

One Long Day in The Walking Dead: Season 2

One Long Day11

Made it through your first day.

  • Unlocked by 2,501 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

You will rejoin your group to have a conversation about plans of escape. You can mention Luke's plan or that sound attracts lurkers; they will ultimately know about Luke either way. You will talk to the woman from the other day, who is seemingly more crazy than Kenny is, and asks for your help with her plan. Grab the rope, then the ladder cage and make your way to the roof.

Once you make it on the roof, head to the right of the green house and look for a skylight that you can open (if you go left there are objects to interact with, but is pointless). Once in, move down the shelves making your way towards the walkie talkies. Pick one up which will prompt you to return back to the group, along with another achievement:

Always the Quiet Ones in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Always the Quiet Ones11

Committed larceny.

  • Unlocked by 2,496 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

After a small argument of who should take the radio, you will end up with it regardless as Kenny will slip it into your pocket. After this, Bonnie will take you from Troy and she will talk to you about Reggie. Upon doing so you can mention your plan or keep it to yourself; either way she will allow you to go.

Make your way to the comic store where Luke is located. You can explore the area, searching for Luke but Troy will find you and drag you away. You will find Luke has been caught and your plan about the radios will have been found out. You have two options: confess or remain silent; both options end up being the same.

With the radio returned it turns rather ugly. You have will have several options given to you as it plays out, each option will be hidden in a spoiler tag should you wish to know, if not pick which you want to do.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Not in Nottingham in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Not in Nottingham11

Got beaten down.

  • Unlocked by 2,495 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

When you wake up you will be back inside your living area with the group debating when to leave; regardless of what is picked the end result is the same. You will be picked for the unfortunate task of setting the PA system by the group since only you can climb the ladder.

Once you regain control, if Alvin was taken from you earlier, he is still in the chair which you can interact with. If not, head to the PA system box behind the desk (if Alvin is not around, search the desk first as it contains a gun). Once there, turn on the external speakers, the volume knob and then the CD receiver which won't work as it is missing the disk. The disk is located under Clem's left arm which is hard to notice unless you are looking for it. Place it in and let the fun begin, along with yet another achievement:

Come Hither in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Come Hither11

Invited some friends into the compound.

  • Unlocked by 2,492 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

Now this may play out differently depending on if Alvin is in the room; both actions are below in spoiler tags as not to ruin it.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Now a cut scene will play leading you to rejoin your group. Upon doing so, Bill will be holding them at gunpoint. As you move closer you will get the choice to jump onto him, disarming him. After this, you will get your say on what to do with him. Kenny will take actions into his own hands, so you can either stay to watch it or leave; it does not matter which as it plays out exactly the same.

Rehabilitated in The Walking Dead: Season 2


Gave what you got.

  • Unlocked by 2,491 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.06) 2,863

You will be outside attempting to make your escape by killing walkers and then covering yourself with their lovely gooey insides. There is very little you can do to change the events that happen during this part, simply play them out until you reach Sarita. You will then have two choices: kill the walker to remove the head or chop Sarita's arm off. Doing either will end the episode, unlocking the last achievement:

Eye of the Storm in The Walking Dead: Season 2

Eye of the Storm11

Completed Episode 3: "In Harm's Way"

  • Unlocked by 2,484 tracked gamers (87% - TSA Ratio = 1.07) 2,863

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