2. The Walking Dead: Michonne General hints and tips

The main thing to look out of is quick time events (QTE's). There are a fair few in this game as you will know if you have played previous version of TellTale's The Walking Dead. These appear in a lot of situations such as combat, movement or just other menial jobs such as opening doors. In some occasions, mainly combat, if you do not perform the QTE's in time you will end up dying and have to resume from the last checkpoint. So just make sure you're ready for them.

If you want to get fully immersed in the game then you might want to interact with everything you see, the white dots appear on objects or people that can be interacted with. You'll have a choice of button to press depending on what action you want to perform, although many of them only give you one option. In the walkthrough I will just be pointing out the necessary things that need interacting with to move on with the story.

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Like I previously said, it's not difficult and you shouldn't have any problems so severe that you can't pass a checkpoint after more than 2 or 3 attempts.

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