The Order of the Thorne - The Kings Challenge Achievements

Full list of all 13 The Order of the Thorne - The Kings Challenge achievements. It takes around 2-3 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • He is Gnomor'

    The girls, Snow and Red, tried to save the gnome but alas, they failed.

  • High Priest

    The high priest hightailed it out of the Faerie Realm.

  • A Knight to Remember

    You've discovered Sir Gauen searching the swamp.

  • Chucked It In

    Chucker has given up on his search for the Queen.

  • Faolan's Story

    You now know the full story behind Faolan's defeat of Lord Sinister.

  • Musical Genius

    You've learned and played every song on hard mode.

  • Honors Student

    You've read every memorial stone on the Isle of the Honored.

  • Perfect Match

    You brought Glenda and Ted together. True love.

  • Paid the Troll Toll

    Always pay off a troll with a treasure chest of gold!

  • Drops of Juniper

    You found a way past the angry tree and got yourself some Firienne berries.

  • Swamped

    You've navigated the treacherous swamp and retrieved the pixies harp.

  • Seered to Perfection

    The Seer has revealed her secrets to you thanks to your unusual solution.

  • A Worthy Challenger

    You rescued the Queen and cast the spell in the final confrontation.