The Ditty of Carmeana Achievements

Full list of all 36 The Ditty of Carmeana achievements.

  • Rite of Passage

    Bribe your way to an area you're not supposed to be at yet

  • Zeno's Paradox

    Use the power of calculus to help Achilles overtake a turtle on the road

  • Glitching

    Take advantage of a programming glitch to get a free weapon

  • Rocket Science

    Pass the Aerospace Engineering final exam at the University of Chingaim

  • Strike the Striker

    Try to strike the final boss while he's striking against you. Just try.

  • Marksmanship

    Get a zero score on the shooting gallery game

  • Darwin Award

    Jump into water and drown, despite the game helpfully preventing you from running into water

  • Be a Better Farmer

    Complete all the challenging exercises in the Borrington Gymnasium