The Adventure Pals Reviews

  • Titanium DragonTitanium Dragon125,533
    18 Aug 2019
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    Adventure Pals is a passable platformer game. Along with your buddies Sparkles the Giraffe and Mr. Rock, you must save your father from being turned into a hot dog by the nefarious Doctor B.

    The core platforming of this game is very standard – you can jump, you can slide down walls and wall jump off of them, you can whack stuff with your sword, and you can throw (limited) bombs from your inventory at enemies. You have limited health but, when you are knocked down to nothing, you automatically use a healing potion, which makes the game pretty trivial – it’s quite easy to beat the entire game without ever dying even once, with the only real threat being the spikes (which, later on, you can cause to just respawn you a short distance away).

    Thus, the real challenge of the game is making your way through the levels and fighting your way through the enemies without taking too much damage. Or at least, not so much that the steady stream of them ends with you running out. Given that most of the time, I was running into the opposite problem of too much stuff in my inventory, it wasn’t really an issue.

    So… really it’s mostly just about the mechanics of getting through the levels. And while they’re okay, there’s nothing really super memorable here. It feels like the set of challenges you see in every such game – some spikes, some underwater sections, some bits where there are things on tracks that chase you, and a few rather simple bosses.

    It’s really hard to say really bad things about the game (other than that its creator’s love of Adventure Time shines quite brightly) but it’s also hard to say anything overly positive. This is a par for the course, average platforming game. It’s competent, but unexceptional. The humor is medeciore - very Cartoon Network, and rarely funny enough to make me laugh, but never so bad as to aggravate me. And… that’s all there really is.

    Is this the game for you? If you’re dying to play a game with the same sort of humor you see in shows like Adventure Time, and you like platformers, this is fine. But the problem is that it is just fine – there’s nothing really exceptional here. If you’re looking for something that is actively good, this isn’t really that – it’s passable. I don’t regret playing it, but I wouldn’t have regretted not playing it, either.