TerraTech Achievements

Here is the full list of all 15 TerraTech achievements.

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  • Speed Demon

    Reach a land speed of over 200 mph for at least 5 seconds (Campaign only)

  • Combat Mechanic

    Reattach 10 blocks that have recently fallen off your Tech due to enemy fire (Campaign only)

  • Flipping Brilliant!

    Lift an enemy off the ground with a digger scoop (Campaign only)

  • Everything Is Awesome!

    Build a Tech that contains 50 different types of block (Campaign only)

  • Falling with Style

    Achieve unpowered flight for 500m (Campaign only)

  • David vs Goliath

    Defeat an enemy Tech that is worth at least 20,000 BB more than your Tech (Campaign only)

  • Another World

    Discover a mysterious alien biome (Campaign only)

  • Whack-A-Troll

    Defeat the Trader Troll in under 15 minutes played (Campaign only)

  • Aerobatics Is Easy

    Finish a Gauntlet track without touching the ground (Gauntlet only)

  • Factorius!

    Craft all Payload Terminals (GSO, GeoCorp, Venture and Hawkeye) in one playthrough (Campaign only)

  • Licensed to Drill

    Acquire all Corporation Licenses in one playthrough (Campaign only)

  • Push It To The Limit

    Max out all Corporation Licenses in one playthrough (Campaign only)

  • Show Me The Monies

    Have at least 1,000,000 Block Bucks in your possession (Campaign only)