Sonic Forces Walkthrough

10. Episode Shadow: Story

You can start this DLC at any time when you have it downloaded, but it's suggested that you at least get through City - Sunset Heights in the main story first. You don't need S Ranks because all three achievements are related to collectibles, but you can always go for them if you want. Two of the levels essentially require you to pick up many other types of collectibles to get an S Rank, so you may as well focus on collectibles before you consider S Rank-ing these three levels if you wanted to.

Sonic Forces | S Ranks

One month before Eggman took over the world, causing the events of the main game, Rouge has detected a high amount of troops in a very unusual area. There has also been intel that Eggman has been developing a new weapon. Shadow will be sent in to do some recon on the enemy base.

City - Enemy Territory

As you run through the level, which is highly similar to two of the levels of the main story, E-123 Omega will start to go a bit haywire. Since you should already be familiar with how most of this level works, there's not much to say on the level design or anything in that matter.

You need 1,250,000 points for an S Rank. Collecting Red Star Rings helps a lot to reach this score. S Ranks aren't necessary for this DLC, though, so it's up to you whether you want to shoot for one.

On the world map, Infinite will confront Shadow, starting off by bragging about defeating Omega. He'll then claim that he knows Shadow, and the story takes a step backwards a couple of months to the Mystic Jungle.

Mystic Jungle - Eggman's Facility

Of all the levels that could've been copied over from the main game, they had to use Aqua Road. This version of it plays out largely the same way, but that means it's just as broken. Good luck trying to get through.

You need 1,500,000 points for an S Rank. You likely won't be able to score enough points to get it until you've unlocked the Number and Silver Moon Rings in the level, so you can pick up those and the Red Star Rings for extra points.

Cutscene 01

At the end of the jungle, Eggman will order the leader of the Jackal Squad to attack Shadow. He'll easily dispose of him before teleporting away, leaving a very upset jackal alive. This simple event is then revealed to become the catalyst to turn the fallen soldier into Infinite. Back on the world map, Infinite will use the Phantom Ruby on Shadow, sending him to a distorted Green Hill.

Green Hill - Virtual Reality

This stage is similar to Green Hill - Guardian Rock. If you know that level, then you'll do fine here. Infinite will be sung the Phantom Ruby to make some obvious hazards throughout the stage as Shadow starts to get really confused about what Rouge and Omega are telling him.

You need 1,700,000 points to get an S Rank. It's basically required to have all of the different kinds of collectibles already on the field so you can pick them up to earn points.

On the world map, Infinite will be very ecstatic that his powers are as strong as they are, and will hint that he plans on attacking Sonic before trapping Shadow in some rubble. Rouge will finally fix the connection and tell him to get out of there as soon as possible. The big cutscene where Sonic is defeated will play again, and that marks the end of the DLC's story. Now all that's left to do is pick up the collectibles.

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