Sonic Forces Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough Overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Sonic Forces, a semi-sequel to the highly-rated Sonic Mania and the first "Modern Sonic" game for a long time. The gameplay is similar to that of Sonic Generations, but adds in a customizable character for a third style of action to spice things up. Although it's not necessary, it'd be best to go into this game with a bit of background from the previously mentioned titles so you have at least some idea of what's going on and how some of the play styles work.

There are currently 48 achievements for the game, three of which are from free DLC released on the same day that the main game was. All 48 of the achievements take between 25-35 hours or so to obtain, so you shouldn't find too many aspects of the game to be overly difficult.

Videos have been provided for every level so you can visually see what to do if reading about it isn't your thing. Collectibles, of which there are abundant amounts of, all come in text and video guides to suit whichever preference you'd like. You can go for these as you play the story, or look for them after you've finished it, it's up to you.

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