Siege of Treboulain Achievements

Full list of all 44 Siege of Treboulain achievements.

  • Diplomat

    Strike a favorable trade deal with the Envric ambassador.

  • Shade the Lawns

    Grow a tree in the Arborturgic Gardens.

  • The Touch of Steel

    Win a duel on the army's parade ground.

  • Expert Barterer

    Use your bartering skills to buy something in the markets at a discount.

  • Rising Thorns

    Persuade the Arborturgic Order to fight against the enemy.

  • Trap

    Surprise the enemy with a deadly trap that kills hundreds before they even reach your walls.

  • Lead from the Front

    Take to the front lines to successfully repel the enemy from your walls.

  • Propagandist

    After the first attack, successfully pass a message to your people that furthers your goals.

  • Beat Heartstone

    Beat Heartstone in a sparring match.

  • Stop the Fire

    Save Floros's warehouse from destruction.

  • Stop the Trebuchets

    Stop the Skegg's trebuchets from hurling rocks at your city.

  • Sleuth

    Discover what happened in Threndwood without any assistance.

  • Conquer the Beast

    Triumph over the beast that lurks beneath Treboulain.

  • Rescue Mission

    Rescue the hostage from the enemy camp.

  • Perfect Dance

    Impress the crowd at Pekka Toivanen's party by performing a perfect dance.

  • Card Shark

    Win a card game at Pekka Toivanen's party.

  • Best Deal

    Complete your trade dealings with Legate Maan with the most favorable conditions for Treboulain.

  • Theologian

    Have the Order's dispute resolved in accordance with your personal opinion.

  • Tip the Scales

    Single-handedly change the outcome of the Order's dispute at the last moment.

  • Peaceful Dispute

    See the Order's dispute end amicably among the different factions.

  • Angry Dispute

    See the Order's dispute end with anger and division among the factions.

  • Strength in Unity

    Enter a relationship with Marshal Heartstone.

  • Let's Grow Together

    Enter a relationship with Priestess Saphira.

  • A Golden Romance

    Enter a relationship with Dimi Floros.

  • An Artful Life

    Enter a relationship with Celestino Yearn.

  • Art for the Ages

    Inspire Celestino Yearn to create a masterful art piece in your honor.

  • A Worthy Speech

    Give a perfect speech to rouse your people's spirits.

  • Save the Sword

    Rescue Marshal Heartstone from certain death.

  • Rescue the Rose

    Save Priestess Saphira from certain death.

  • A Peaceful End

    Negotiate a ceasefire with Emperor Markov to end the siege.

  • Master Negotiator

    While negotiating the ceasefire with Markov, change the terms to make Markov pay for your city's repairs and restore your supplies.

  • Kill Markov

    Defeat Markov in single combat.

  • Victory

    Win the siege and defeat the enemy.

  • A Crown No More

    Survive the siege but lose your throne.

  • The Rightful Ruler

    Make your rival withdraw his claim for your throne.

  • Mighty Walls

    End the siege with Treboulain's buildings and walls in good condition.

  • Feeder

    End the siege with plenty of food and supplies for your citizens.

  • Golden Fingers

    End the siege with Treboulain as a rich city, with ample coins in the treasury.

  • Tyrant

    Have your people call you a tyrant.

  • Chaos

    Let the chaos in your city explode to unbearable levels.

  • Off with Your Head

    Die by execution.

  • Martyr

    Die as a martyr, inspiring your people to rise up against Markov.

  • Escape

    Escape from prison and flee from Treboulain to avoid execution.

  • Legend

    Leave a legacy that will endure long after your death.