Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate Achievements

Full list of all 84 Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate achievements.

The base game contains 23 achievements, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 61 achievements.

  • Swarm

    Win with Pillage, Revolution and Conscription

  • Legion

    Win with Militia, Assault and Pikemen

  • Sniper

    Win with High Focus, Crow's Blessing and Engraved Scope

  • Assassin

    Win with Ritual Dagger, Taunting Hop and Subtle Poison

  • Steroids

    Win with Sacred Crown, Majestic Censer and Courteous Jousting

  • Trigger Happy

    Win with Ermine Belt, Kingdom Wealth and Unjust Decree

  • Scavenger

    Win with Ammunition Depot, Elite Gem and Small Fry Harvest

  • Harem

    Win with Iron Maiden, Crossdresser and King's Mistress

  • Social Distancing

    Win with The Moat, Wand of Gust and August Presence

  • Religion

    Win with Conclave, Cardinal and Theocracy

  • Secret

    Win with Crossdresser, Saboteur and The Secret Heir

  • Security Service

    Win with Castle, Kite Shield and Bodyguard

  • Inquisition

    Win with Zealots, Ascension and The Red Book

  • Mobility

    Win with Royal Loafers, Wand of Wings and Unfaithful Steed

  • Boundaries

    Win with Two Rightful Curtsies and The Moat

  • Machine Gun

    Win with Three Extra Barrels

  • Survivor

    Win with Majestic Censer, Black Mist and Cornered Despot

  • Demolition

    Win with Ruins, Pillage and Kingly Alms

  • Full Set

    Have 10 black cards

  • Wizard

    Have 4 Magic Wands

  • Complete

    Kill The White King

  • Avenged

    Kill The Black Bishop

  • Exorcised

    Kill The Red Book

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