SMITE Achievements

Full list of all 279 SMITE achievements.

The base game contains 59 achievements, and there are 47 DLC packs containing 220 achievements.

  • Siege Breaker

    25 Siege matches played.

  • Bloodthirster

    Get 10 first blood accolades in qualifying matches.

  • Double Tap

    Get 10 double kills in qualifying matches.

  • Hat Trick

    5 Triple Kills.

  • Quadra Kill

    1 Quadra Kill.

  • Rampage

    50 Towers destroyed.

  • Penta Kill

    1 Penta Kill.

  • Objective Stealer

    Deliver the killing blow on a map objective where enemies did more damage in a qualifying match.

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  • Maxed Out

    Reach Level 30.

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    1 god at Mastery 10.

  • Fatality

    100 god kills.

  • Helping Hand

    100 Assists on a god kill.

  • Can't Stop This

    50 Killing Sprees.

  • Combo Breaker

    Shut down 10 Killing Sprees.

  • Objective Killer

    Get 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches.

  • Minion Mayhem

    100 Minions killed.

  • Omnitheist

    Completed a match with a god from all Pantheons.

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  • 20 to 1

    Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once.

  • Hard Carry

    You killed more than 20 enemy gods in a single Conquest match.

  • Super Cheer

    Win an Arena match with more than 100 tickets remaining.

  • Survivor

    Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health.

  • Cleanup Crew

    Kill 3 enemy gods with a single ability.

  • Death from Above

    Killed 25 gods from damage dealt by landing from a leap.

  • Heals for Days

    Healed gods other than yourself for more than 10,000 health.

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  • Precise Shot

    Get a double kill where both kills were the result of ranged basic attacks.

  • Last Hit

    Kill 20 minions by getting the last hit with a Basic Attack in a single match.

  • Fast Blood

    You have earned First Blood in any game mode before 0:00 on the in-game clock.

  • Good Game

    Complete a match with 5 or more Kills, 10 or more Assists, and 2 or fewer Deaths.

  • Jump! Jump!

    You have leaped over 100 times with gods that have leaps.

  • Come Back

    Win a match where your team had 4000 less combined gold than the enemy team.

  • Double Edged Sword

    Win a match where your team has killed twice as many gods as the enemy team.

  • Last Man Standing

    Be the only god left alive on either team in any 5v5 game mode.

  • I Will Find Them!

    Destroy 25 enemy wards.

  • Questions Later

    Dealt damage to every enemy player in Arena before any of them damaged you.

  • Down to the Wire

    Win an Arena match where your team has only 20 tickets or less remaining.

  • Feel the Fury

    Reach the maximum Attack Speed of 2.5 in a single match.

  • Beast Master

    Summon 20 Siege Monsters in Siege Mode.

  • Beast Slayer

    Get the killing blow on an enemy Siege Monster in Siege Mode.

  • Use your Fists

    Get the killing blow on an enemy god with a Basic Attack while playing a Guardian.

  • Fooled You

    Get the killing blow on an enemy god using damage reflect.

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  • Perfect

    Get the killing blow on an enemy god without taking damage from them.

  • Destructible

    Destroy an enemy tower in Conquest, Clash, or Siege before 8:00 on the in-game clock.

  • Reborn

    Win a game after one of your Phoenixes was destroyed.

  • After Effect

    Kill an enemy god after they had already killed you.

  • Line Them Up

    Hit 3 different enemy gods with a single ability.

  • Limit Them

    Disarm or Silence 10 enemy gods.

  • That's Far Enough!

    Root or Cripple 15 enemy gods.

  • Freeze!

    Stun 15 enemy gods.

  • Up You Go!

    Knockup 15 enemy gods.

2.14: Alien Attacks

01,36130 (2%)
Title update
2.14: Alien Attacks
  • Charge!

    As Guan Yu, stun three or more enemy gods at once with your Cavalry Charge Ability in a single match.

  • The Warriors Will

    As Guan Yu, heal three or more of your teammates at once while your passive, Painless, is fully charged.

  • Gymnast

    As Neith, kill an enemy god with the damage from Back Flip.

  • Arrow to the Knee

    As Neith, root three or more enemy gods with one Spirit Arrow.

  • Solar Blessing

    As Ra, end a game with over 30,000 Player Healing.

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  • Searing Steal

    As Ra, use Searing Pain to steal the Fire Giant from your opponents.

  • Dunkmaster!

    As Thor, land on three or more enemies at once with your Ultimate, Anvil of Dawn.

  • Tectonic Stun

    As Thor, stun three or more enemies at once using Tectonic Rift.

  • You Go Boom!

    As Ymir, kill three enemy gods at once with your Ultimate, Shards of Ice.

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  • Why So Cold?

    As Ymir, hit 50 basic attacks on enemy Gods who are affected by Frostbite.

2.15: Solar Flare

0530127 (24%)
Title update
2.15: Solar Flare
  • Arachnophobia

    As Arachne, have your broodlings deliver the killing blow to an enemy.

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  • Wrapped Up

    As Arachne, successfully Stun 3 or more enemy gods in a match with cocoon.

  • I'm a Pro

    As Rama, kill two enemy gods while in your Ultimate.

  • Ouch

    As Rama, Cripple every enemy god in a single match using Rolling Assault.

2.17: Shadows of Olympus

042742 (10%)
Title update
2.17: Shadows of Olympus
  • Rally Here!

    As Bellona kill 10 enemy gods with the damage from Eagle's Rally.

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  • Master At Arms

    As Bellona kill an enemy after having hit them with each of your weapon stances.

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  • Trick Shot

    As Hou Yi hit a different enemy god on all three bounces of one Ricochet.

  • The Crows Mark

    As Hou Yi utilize Mark of the Crow to knock back, stun, and slow an enemy god in 5s.

2.18: The Astral Hunt

055450 (9%)
Title update
2.18: The Astral Hunt
  • The Heat!

    As Agni stun three or more enemy gods with Noxious Fumes.

  • Those Fumes

    As Agni get the killing blow with the damage from Combustion.

  • Clay Explosion

    As Nu Wa kill an enemy god by exploding Clay Soldiers with Shining Metal.

  • Skill Shot

    As Nu Wa get 100 kills with Fire Shards.

2.19: Divas and Demons

0623115 (18%)
Title update
2.19: Divas and Demons
  • The Butcher

    As Bakasura get 3 kills on enemy gods with the damage from Butcher Blades.

    1 guide
  • My Minion

    As Bakasura eat 25 minions using eat minon in a single match.

    1 guide
  • Supernova

    As Sol hit an enemy with all 8 strikes of Supernova.

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  • Disparate

    As Sol kill one enemy god with the trail from Disapparate.

  • Wrecking Ball

    As Thanatos execute three or more enemies in a single match using hovering death.

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  • Reaper of Souls

    As Thanatos silence 15 enemies out of their abilities.

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2.20: The Reborn Prince

058118 (3%)
Title update
2.20: The Reborn Prince
  • Marks for Everyone!

    As Chiron hit three or more enemy gods with Masterful Shot.

  • 3 for 3

    As Chiron get a triple kill while in your ultimate, Centaurus.

  • Dragon’s Wrath

    As KuKulkan kill an enemy at full health using only Spirit of the Nine Winds.

  • Whirlwind

    As KuKulkan kill three or more enemy gods with one Whirlwind

  • Speed Demon

    As Mercury reach 600 movement speed.

  • Around the World

    As Mercury travel 75,000 feet in a single game.

2.21: Amaterasu, The Shining Light

0860120 (14%)
Title update
2.21: Amaterasu, The Shining Light
  • Whirlwind of Pain

    As Xing Tian get an assist on three enemies within five seconds using his Ultimate.

  • The Rage

    As Xing Tian reach and stay at full stacks of smoldering rage for over 30 seconds.

  • Never Fear, Khepri's Here

    As Khepri, save everyone on your team, including yourself, in one game.

    1 guide
  • Let's Hug

    As Khepri abduct an enemy that is effected by solar flare five times in a single match.

    1 guide
  • Release the Kraken!

    As Poseidon hit three or more enemy gods with your ultimate.

  • Water Rises

    As Poseidon keep your tide meter above 50% for more than a minute

3.1: Season Three

091773 (8%)
Title update
3.1: Season Three
  • My Offense is Dazzling

    As Amaterasu hit three or more enemies with the final strike of your ultimate.

  • Reflect the Heavens

    As Amaterasu fully charge her mirror in one second.

  • Feel the Rush

    As Ravana kill ten enemies with the damage from your ultimate.

    1 guide
  • Watch My Moves

    As Ravana break out of a root using Overhead Kick

    1 guide
  • It's a Trap!

    As Artemis cripple twenty five enemy gods with Transgressors Fate.

    1 guide
  • Stunville

    As Artemis stun three or more enemy gods with Calydonian Boar in one deployment.

    1 guide

3.2: Rolling Thunder

078971 (9%)
Title update
3.2: Rolling Thunder
  • Where Am I?

    As Anubis kill an enemy with Death Gaze from Behind a Wall

    1 guide
  • Mummified

    As Anubis stun 15 enemy gods using mummify in a single match.

    1 guide
  • Serenade

    As Apollo serenade at least three enemy gods at once.

  • My Chariot Awaits

    As Apollo hit an enemy with every tick from Across The Sky

  • Two Chains? Nah, Five.

    As Ares hit and pull five enemy gods at once with no escape.

    1 guide
  • Meltmaster

    As Ares incinerate two gods in one match with Searing Flesh.

    1 guide

3.3: Victory Lap

057485 (15%)
Title update
3.3: Victory Lap
  • That's not Me

    As Sun Wukong have your decoy deliver the final blow to an enemy.

  • Eye of the Tiger

    As Sun Wukong get fifteen tiger stuns in a single match.

  • More POWER

    As Xbalanque get a fully stanked passive before the fifteen minute mark in a game.

  • It's So Dark

    As Xbalanque kill an enemy who was stunned by your Ultimate.

  • Go My Friend

    As Raijin do damage to three or more enemies with his minion Raiju.

  • Drums in the Distance

    As Raijin hit an enemy at the max range in your Ultimate.

3.4: Winter's Bite

059571 (12%)
Title update
3.4: Winter's Bite
  • Oh the Agony!

    As Hades, land a single Pillar of Agony on 3 enemy gods affected with Blight.

  • Blighted

    As Hades apply Blight on your enemies to augment all four of your abilities in one game.

  • Cleansed Your Soul

    As Hel cleanse three of your teammates from being stunned.

  • Which Side are you On?

    As Hel kill the same enemy twice with one kill coming from light stance and one coming from dark stance.

  • Axemanship

    As Ullr land 20 axe stuns in a single match.

  • Bowmanship

    As Ullr land 20 hail of arrows in a single match.

3.5: Protect and Support

0707172 (24%)
Title update
3.5: Protect and Support

3.6: Escape from the Underworld

045720 (4%)
Title update
3.6: Escape from the Underworld

3.7: Grim Weaver

058317 (3%)
Title update
3.7: Grim Weaver
  • Water Illusionist

    As Ao Kuang kill an enemy with your water illusion.

  • Wave Dash

    As Jing Wei use Agility after being knocked into the air by an enemy god.

  • Heads Up!

    As Jing Wei kill an enemy god within 5 seconds after using your passive.

  • The Power of the Heart

    As Cupid Kill three or more gods with the damage from Heart Bomb.

  • Spread the Love

    As Cupid heal each of your teammates by using Share the Love.

  • A Mighty Sword

    As Ao Kuang execute an enemy God who's been ulted by Khepri.

3.8: The Perfect Storm

089215 (2%)
Title update
3.8: The Perfect Storm
  • Assassinate

    As Loki kill three or more enemy gods from behind.

  • Made You Look

    As Loki get the killing blow on an enemy god with your Decoy.

  • Look at Me!

    As Medusa stun three or more enemy gods using Petrify.

  • So Slippery

    As Medusa deliver the killing blow to an enemy god using Lacerate.

  • Watch it Bounce

    As Zeus kill an enemy god on the fourth bounce of Chain Lightning.

  • Detonate

    As Zeus kill three or more enemy gods who have three charges on them with Detonate.

  • Watch Your Step

    As Janus make your opponents fall through fifteen different portals in one match.

  • No Scope

    As Janus hit at least two enemy gods with your ultimate at max distance.

  • Got You!

    As Scylla use Sic'em to root three enemy gods.

  • Yes, I'm a Monster

    As Scylla reset your Ultimate three or more times in a single use.

  • Calm Before the Storm

    As Susano pull three or more enemies with a single use of Wind Siphon.

  • Weather the Storm

    As Susano use a Basic Attack anytime while Storm Kata is activated.

  • Where Did I Go?

    As Nox remain inside an ally for 8 Seconds.

  • Embrace the Darkness

    As Nox use Siphon Dark and Shadowlock to deliver the killing blow to at least 3 enemies in one match.

  • Kiss me!

    As Aphrodite apply your kiss to every God in the match. This includes allies and enemies.

  • My Lovely Lady Birds

    As Aphrodite get the killing blow with the damage from your birds.

  • Got Nuts?

    As Ratatoskr stun three or more opponents at once with Acorn Blast.

  • Look out Below!

    As Ratatoskr knockup three or more enemy gods at once with Through the Cosmos.

3.11: Expelled From Hel

057245 (8%)
Title update
3.11: Expelled From Hel
  • Corpses aka Landmines

    As Ah Puch blow up and hit an enemy with 6 corpses in one cast of Corpse Explosion.

  • Rise my Pretties

    As Ah Puch release 100 Zombies in one match.

  • Get to Work

    As Fafnir boost all of your allies Power and Attack Speed in a single match using Coerce.

  • Take That

    As Fafnir slow or kill three or more enemy gods at a single time using Cursed Strength

  • End of Days

    As Fenrir have an ally kill an enemy God that you have grabbed using Ragnarok.

  • Unleash the Beast

    As Fenrir stun or kill at least three enemies with a single use of Unchained.

3.12: Mid Season Update

058225 (4%)
Title update
3.12: Mid Season Update
  • Disarm

    As Ah Muzen Cab, disarm an enemy god using bees.

  • How Sweet

    As Ah Muzen Cab, pick up 5 stingers in a single match.

  • Earthbreaker

    As Hercules knock an enemy up five times in a single match using Earthbreaker.

  • Ricochet

    As Hercules Use excavate to hit an enemy god twice, in one use, and kill them on the second hit.

  • Bird Bomb

    As Odin kill fifteen enemies in a single match using Ravenshout and Lunge together.

  • Cage Match

    As Odin kill four enemies in the The Ring of Spears.

3.13: Valkyrie Reloaded

074216 (2%)
Title update
3.13: Valkyrie Reloaded
  • Pretty Kitty

    As Awilix kill an enemy God with the damage when you jump from Suku.

  • Get Over Here

    As Awilix pull a knocked up enemy god to you using Gravity Surge.

  • Tortoise Power

    As Erlang Shen knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 Transformations.

  • Undefeated

    As Erlang Shen use 9 Turns Blessing to heal yourself while below 10% health.

  • That Was Close

    As Freya kill an enemy God using Valkyrie's Discretion while you are at 15% health or less.

  • Banished

    As Freya banish three or more enemy gods with a single use of Banish.

  • Silenced

    As Isis silence fifteen enemy gods in a single match.

  • Stay in the Circle

    As Isis heal three or more allies and kill an enemy using Circle of Protection.

  • It's Spreading

    As Serqet kill an opponent with your Last Breath Poison and have it spread to two enemy gods.

  • Critalicious

    As Serqet have all three strikes of Death Bane be critical hits.

  • I Like to Juggle

    As Tyr use Powercleave and Fearless together to juggle three or more enemy gods.

  • Bringing Down the Law

    As Tyr kill fifteen enemy gods with the damage from Lawbringer.

  • Shattered Monolith

    As Terra root 3 enemies with a single Shatter.

  • Bless You All

    As Terra activate Terra’s Blessing and buff all 5 members of your team in a single cast

  • Bottoms Up

    As Bacchus keep your Drunk-o-meter in smashed for Five minutes.

  • Everybody Getting Tipsy

    As Bacchus intoxicate three or more enemy Gods at once.

  • Get Plucked

    As Sobek pluck fifteen Enemy Gods with Charge Prey in a single match.

  • Aren't You a Tank?

    As Sobek use all four of your abilities to kill an enemy within 10 seconds.

  • Down, Set, Gut

    As Kumbhakarna kill an enemy God by bouncing a minion into them using Throw Back.

  • Stay There

    As Kumbhakarna root three or more enemy Gods with one Groggy Strike.

  • Where's My Kitties

    As Bastet release 45 cats using your Ultimate in a single match.

  • Cat Scratch

    As Bastet deliver the killing blow to an enemy God in a single match with the damage from your Cats.

  • My Hips Don't Lie

    As Chang'e evade an enemy ability using Moonlit Waltz that would have hit you for 500 damage or more.

  • Jade, Go!

    As Chang'e send Jade to buy 10 Items in a single match.

3.17: The Odyssey 2017

065643 (7%)
Title update
3.17: The Odyssey 2017
  • Where You Going?

    As Izanami max out Spectral Projection by getting a kill or assist on 2 enemies while they are slowed by it.

  • Death's Call

    As Izanami kill an enemy god while at or below 25% health.

  • Killer Wave

    As He Bo kill three or more enemy gods with a single Crushing Wave.

  • So Steady

    As He Bo have full stacks on Steady Flow for over 30 seconds.

  • I'll Protect You

    As Geb cleanse a teammate using Stone Shield on an ally that is below 20% health.

  • Cataclyzed

    As Geb hit three or more enemy gods with Cataclysm.

  • Feel My Wrath

    As Sylvanus knock up three or more enemy gods with your Wrath of Terra Ability.

  • Rooted!

    As Sylvanus root twenty enemy gods in a single game.

  • The Hands of Time

    As Chronos get a kill with each quadrant in your passive, Wheel of Time.

  • Re-Rewind

    As Chronos use your Rewind Ability while you're below 15% Health and return back to full health.

  • Watch This

    As Ne Zha stun an enemy using Armiliary Sash and then ult them.

  • Two's a Crowd

    As Ne Zha bounce Universe Ring Toss between two enemy gods, hitting each at least twice.

3.19: Terror of the Night

054231 (6%)
Title update
3.19: Terror of the Night
  • Tremors

    As Cabrakan keep an enemy stuck in a single Tremor for six seconds.

  • Shield Smash

    As Cabrakan get max stacks on your Refraction Shield and stun an enemy god with it.

  • You Thought You Had Me?

    As Kali get two kills in a single match while using Destruction when you're under 10% health.

  • Bounty Hunter

    As Kali kill five Gods in one match that are Marked for Death by your Passive.

  • What's In the Bag?

    As Zhong Kui use Expose Evil and Exorcism to fully stack your Passive.

  • Book of Demons

    As Zhong Kui stun three or more enemy gods with Book of Demons.

  • The Afterlife Awaits You

    As Osiris land the Ability Lord of the Afterlife on three or more enemy gods.

  • Simply Stunning

    As Osiris stun 3 different enemy gods with his tether in a single game.

  • Monkey Business

    As Hun Batz teleport to an enemy God on the fourth bounce of Sacred Monkey.

  • Fear My Evil

    As Hun Batz use Fear No Evil to fear three or more enemy Gods.

  • Vampirism

    As Camazotz obtain the Vampirism Buff from his Vampire Bats Ability 6 times in a single match.

  • Bat out of Hell

    As Camazotz hit 3 gods with a single swoop of his Bat out of Hell Ability.

3.21: Arbiter of the Damned

036928 (8%)
Title update
3.21: Arbiter of the Damned
  • Out of My Way

    As Vamana knock up three or more enemies with Clear the Path.

  • Baby Smash

    As Vamana get a triple kill using your Colossal Fury Ability.

  • Narrow Escape

    As Thoth use Evade and Punish to kill an enemy god while you are at 25% or lower HP.

  • Wall of Death

    As Thoth use a single Glyph of Pain to augment the Basic Attacks of at least 2 of your teammates to one tower or objective.

  • Path to Victory!

    As Nike complete all three goals of Nike's passive "To Victory" within the first 20 minutes of a match.

  • Rend Away!

    As Nike disarm 2 or more enemy Gods at the same time using her Rend.

4.1: Season Four

0217100 (46%)
Title update
4.1: Season Four
  • Mirror Match

    As Morrigan transform into an enemy God and kill the God you transformed into.

  • 3v3

    As Morrigan hit 3 enemy gods at the same time with her Deadly Aspects ability.

4.3: Valley of Victory

0327288 (88%)
Title update
4.3: Valley of Victory
  • Shell Reflect

    As Kuzenbo reflect back 280 damage in a single use of your Shell Spikes ability.

  • Triple Treble

    As Kuzenbo knock up an enemy god 3 times in a single use of your Watery Grave ability.

4.5: Celestial Voyage

0269138 (51%)
Title update
4.5: Celestial Voyage
  • Season's Shift

    As Cernunnos kill 1 enemy God who is currently afflicted by Autumn Decay Debuff while Cernunnos is in a different stance from the Shifter of Seasons Ability.

  • Pigging Out

    As Cernunnos kill 1 enemy God who is currently polymorphed from your Wild Hunt Ability.

4.8: Happy Trees

0321275 (86%)
Title update
4.8: Happy Trees
  • Pacifist

    As Ganesha give 1 or more kills to an allied God.

  • Ohm!

    As Ganesha silence 3 or more enemy Gods with a single cast of his Ohm ability.

4.10: Trials of King Hercules

0289199 (69%)
Title update
4.10: Trials of King Hercules
  • Paolao

    As Daji, pull 2 or more enemies into your Paolao with a single use of your Paolao Ability.

  • Murderous Nature

    As Daji, kill an enemy with your Trickster Spirit Ability.

4.12: Divine Light

0246146 (59%)
Title update
4.12: Divine Light
  • Strategist

    As Cu Chulainn kill an enemy within 2 seconds of firing the Barbed Spear Ability and live.

  • Berserker

    As Cu Chulainn transform into Berserk mode by hitting at least 2 gods with the Spear of Mortal Pain Ability.

4.14: Ursa Major

023169 (30%)
Title update
4.14: Ursa Major
  • Invigorate

    As Artio reach full stacks on her Invigoration, the passive effect of her Shape shift ability.

  • Mauled to Death

    As Artio kill an enemy God in bear form with Maul Prey.

4.18: Journey to Asgard

013854 (39%)
Title update
4.18: Journey to Asgard
  • Mounted Archery

    As Hachiman, hit 5 enemy Gods with one use of his ultimate, Mounted Archery.

  • Number 1 Stunnah

    As Hachiman, stun 2 enemy Gods with one use of his Iaijutsu Ability.

4.22: Passage to Egypt

0263198 (75%)
Title update
4.22: Passage to Egypt
  • Spreading Strife

    As Discordia, use the Strife ability to turn 2 enemy God's against each other 3 times in a single match.

  • Curse of Discord

    As Discordia, use your Golden Apple of Discord ability to throw the apple to an enemy and have it spread automatically to 2 other enemies in a single cast.

5.1: Season Five

0289267 (92%)
Title update
5.1: Season Five
  • Soul Expulsion

    As Cerberus consume the soul of every enemy god in the game with the use of his Soul Expulsion Ability.

  • Stygian torment

    As Cerberus hit every member of the enemy team with a single cast of your Stygian Torment ability.

5.4: SMITE Birthday

012831 (24%)
Title update
5.4: SMITE Birthday
  • Fatally Struck!

    As Achilles get 2 or more executes with a single use of his Fatal Strike Ability.

  • The Crowd Cheers!

    As Achilles, heal 12 times in a single use of Radiant Glory.

5.8: Lord of Darkness

012752 (41%)
Title update
5.8: Lord of Darkness
  • Fear of the Night

    As Chernobog utilize your Crystallized Curses and Vicious Barrage combo to root 3 enemy Gods at once.

  • True Nightmare

    As Chernobog, kill 2 gods after landing and buffed by Living Nightmare.

5.11: Life and Death

0209144 (69%)
Title update
5.11: Life and Death
  • Spread The Fun

    As Baron Samedi, cause 3 enemy gods to be above 30 Hysteria at the same time.

  • Brush With Death

    As Baron Samedi, heal yourself or an ally with Consign Spirits while they are below 5% of their HP.

5.14: Goddess of Volcanoes

021794 (43%)
Title update
5.14: Goddess of Volcanoes
  • Get Erupted!

    As Pele, hit at least one enemy god with each ring of Eruption in a single ability use.

  • Everlasting Flame

    As Pele, trigger Everlasting Flame and survive 3 separate times in one match.

5.19: Queen of the Gods

016986 (51%)
Title update
5.19: Queen of the Gods

5.24: Wielder of Excalibur

021877 (35%)
Title update
5.24: Wielder of Excalibur
  • True Strike

    As King Arthur, hit an enemy with any damaging ability while their protections are reduced by Twin Cleave.

  • The Legend of Excalibur

    As King Arthur, cast Excalibur's Fury and Sundering Strike within 10 seconds of each other.

6.1: Season Six

0189145 (77%)
Title update
6.1: Season Six
  • Elemental Mastery

    As Merlin, kill an Enemy god in each stance: Arcane, Fire, and Ice.

  • Infused with Power

    NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_DESC_9_5As Merlin, successfully hit Enemy gods 15 times with a basic attack while Overload is active.

6.2: The World Serpent

023181 (35%)
Title update
6.2: The World Serpent
  • The Destroyer

    As Jormungandr, kill an enemy with your ultimate The World Serpent.

  • Toxic Veins

    As Jormungandr, fully charge Consuming Bellow and kill 2 enemies with it.

6.5: Sands & Skies

019032 (17%)
Title update
6.5: Sands & Skies

6.7: Ruler of the Heavens

05926 (44%)
Title update
6.7: Ruler of the Heavens
  • Fabricated Destiny

    As Olorun, reach the maximum critical hit chance possible with Touch of Fate

  • Eternal Ruler

    As Orolun, with a single ability use, kill two enemies within Sanctified Field

6.9: Queen of the Underworld

0145122 (84%)
Title update
6.9: Queen of the Underworld
  • Grasping Vines

    As Persephone, trap the entire enemy team with one use of her Grasp of Death ability.

  • Master Harvester

    As Persephone, accumulate 150 Pomegranate Seeds over the course of a single match.

6.11: Goddess of Rivers

012574 (59%)
Title update
6.11: Goddess of Rivers
  • Omi Mastery

    As Yemoja, gain 3 extra Omi in a single match.

  • Turbulent Waters

    As Yemoja, deal damage to 3 or more enemies in a single use of River's Rebuke.

6.13: The Vigilant

07032 (46%)
Title update
6.13: The Vigilant
  • Far Seeing Sight

    As Heimdallr, hit an enemy with Piercing Sight after it has traveled more than 200 ft.

  • Journey Through the Realms

    As Heimdallr, kill 3 enemy gods by sending them through Muspelheim and Niflheim.

7.2: The Ascendant Warrior

08753 (61%)
Title update
7.2: The Ascendant Warrior
  • Weapon Mastery S

    As Mulan, win a match with all weapons fully mastered.

  • Two for One

    As Mulan, hit 2 enemies with all three strikes of Divine Mastery in a single ability use.

7.4: Witch of the Woods

08156 (69%)
Title update
7.4: Witch of the Woods
  • The Perfect Brew

    As Baba Yaga, use a brewed potion that is 5 of the same type of ingredient.

  • The Cabin

    As Baba Yaga, gain 50 stacks on your items in a single game, utilizing the power from your Cabin.

7.6: The Great Dreamer

011 (100%)
Title update
7.6: The Great Dreamer