Rise Eterna Achievements

Full list of all 36 Rise Eterna achievements.

  • Departure

    You started your journey.

  • Reunion

    You set off to reunite with your family.

  • Thama

    Thama joins your party.

  • Rose

    Rose joins your party.

  • Jag

    Jag joins your party.

  • Cilphen

    Cilphen joins your party.

  • Eana

    Eana joins your party.

  • Zephiriel

    Zephiriel joins your party.

  • Sachael

    Sachael joins your party.

  • Jachim

    Jachim joins your party.

  • A beast from afar

    You defeated a strange beast.

  • Visiting Divinis

    You reached the capital of the Faith.

  • Visiting Fortes

    You reached the occupied city, used as a capital by Athracian Army.

  • Visiting Gaiacus

    You reached the historical capital of Ars Rare.

  • Craft initiate

    It's the first time you craft, probably not the last.

  • Craft trainee

    On your way to become a master.

  • Craft expert

    You are now an experienced crafter.

  • Craft master

    You're an expert in crafting.

  • Killer

    You killed 10 people. Don't get used to it!

  • Assassin

    You killed 50 people. Did they deserve it?

  • Genocidal

    You killed a large part of Ars Rare people. Is it a duty? Or a pleasure?

  • Strengthening

    You start to feel stronger.

  • Ultimates

    Now we're talking! You are overpowered.

  • Undecided

    You chose not to specialize. Is it a good idea?

  • Specializing

    You focused on one branch in your skilltree. Aren't you missing some good bonuses?

  • Gleaner

    Now you know how to get resources.

  • Harvester

    You're starting to like it.

  • Collector

    With all these resources, you'll be rich in no time.