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Revita Achievements

Here is the full list of all 127 Revita achievements.

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  • Cursed Crates

    Open a cursed chest in each area of a run and win

  • Cursed Tradition

    Beat a run in which you obtain at least 5 Curses, while always picking the rightmost Curse

  • Ill Equipped

    Beat a full run while having the custom shard modifier, cursed relics, set to the maximum

  • False Hearts

    Beat a full run, while having at least 8 corrupted hearts

  • Rifts Apart

    Corrupted rifts can now spawn across the Tower

  • Rift Journey

    Enter 2 Corrupted Rifts in a single run

  • Blessed?

    Take 15 Curses from cursed statues

  • False Guardian

    Beat a corrupted guardian

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