Quake Live Achievements

Here is the full list of all 58 Quake Live achievements.

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  • Hall Monitor

    Reach the end of the skill test hallway in the Crash Course.

  • Crash Test

    Win the Crash Course match against our trainer.

  • Elevate Beginner

    Finish the first hall in the Elevate training level.

  • Elevate Adept

    Finish the second hall in the Elevate training level.

  • Elevate Expert

    Finish the final hall in the Elevate training level.

  • Accelerate Beginner

    Finish the first hall in the Accelerate training level.

  • Accelerate Adept

    Finish the second hall in the Accelerate training level.

  • Accelerate Expert

    Finish the final hall in the Accelerate training level.

  • Raptor

    Frag an opponent while you are in the air.

  • Speed Kills

    Frag an enemy while moving at over 500 units per second.

  • Psychic

    Use a rocket to kill an opponent who is in the air.

  • First Frag

    Score the first kill in a match.

  • Hat Trick

    Record 3 Excellent medals in 1 game.

  • Aim Bot

    Win a match with 60% or greater accuracy.

  • Plus One

    Frag an opponent when you have only 1 health.

  • First Taste

    Accumulate 100 Frags.

  • Camper

    Record 15 or more frags in a single match with the Rail Gun.

  • Overkill

    Use the Rail Gun to frag an opponent with only 1 point of health.

  • Bandit

    Deny Quad Damage from your opponent.

  • Killjoy

    Frag an opponent who has Quad Damage when you have no power-up.

  • Brawler

    Record 5 Gauntlet frags in one match.

  • Jesse James

    Win a Duel without dying.

  • Air Hammer

    Frag an opponent with Gauntlet while both of you are in the air.

  • Here Goes Nothing

    Frag your opponent with Gauntlet in a Duel.

  • Nade Spam

    Win a CA round using the Grenade Launcher.

  • Full House

    Earn at least 1 Capture, Defense, and Assist medal in a CTF match.

  • Hooked

    Accumulate 500 Frags.

  • Last Hope

    In Clan Arena, frag 3 or more opposing players to win the round, when you're the last alive.

  • Punch Out

    Get the last frag in a CA round with gauntlet.

  • Smack Down

    Accumulate 10 or more Quad Damage frags in 1 game.

  • Assassin

    Accumulate 250 Impressive Medals.

  • Guardian

    Accumulate 100 Defense Medals.

  • Evil Eye

    Accumulate 100 Revenge Medals.

  • Missed Opportunity

    Kill the opposing team in Attack & Defend without touching the flag.

  • Rocket Man

    Accumulate 500 frags using the Rocket Launcher.

  • Fear Me

    Accumulate 1000 Frags.

  • Pull

    Record 5 Shotgun frags of opponents in the air in one match.

  • Big Time

    Complete 250 matches.

  • Point Denied

    Hold 3 Domination control points in an arena for at least 30 seconds.

  • Resource Hog

    Get Quad and Battle Suit in one match.

  • Trifecta

    Earn 3 or more Capture, Defense, and Assist medals in a CTF match.

  • Head Hunter

    Capture at least 3 skulls at once in Harvester.

  • Sucker Punch

    Use the Gauntlet to frag an opponent who has Quad Damage.

  • WTF Was That

    Record your first frag with the Kamikaze Item.

  • Miracle Maker

    Kill two enemy flag carriers moments before their cap in 1 game.

  • 2 in 2

    Accumulate 250 Excellent Medals.

  • Fight Club

    Accumulate 50 Humiliation Medals.

  • Midair

    Get 25 frags using projectiles on opponents midair.

  • Wicked

    Record a final score of 666 in Capture the Flag.

  • Clutch

    Win a Capture the Flag match by 1 capture, ending the match with your winning flag run.

  • Ninja Cap

    Capture the flag in Attack & Defend without killing anyone on the team, minimum size 3.

  • Prize Fighter

    Complete 1000 matches.

  • MVP

    Accumulate 1000 combined total Capture the Flag Medals (Capture, Assist, Defense).

  • Color Guard

    Accumulate 100 Capture Medals.

  • Sidekick

    Accumulate 100 Assist Medals.

  • Vadri'gar

    Accumulate 10000 Frags.