Predator: Hunting Grounds Achievements

Here is the full list of all 46 Predator: Hunting Grounds achievements.

  • Ultimate Hunter

    Unlocked after all other trophies are unlocked

  • Trophy Taker

    As the Predator, gather a total of 100 full trophies from Fireteam bodies (Long Claims)

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  • Leave No Trace

    As the Predator, Successfully Arm and Detonate your self destruct mechanism

  • We can kill it...

    As a Fireteam member, work with your team to kill a Predator

  • Headhunter

    As a Fireteam member, get 1000 head shots on AI enemies

  • Blooded

    As the Predator, claim 100 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)

  • Elite

    As the Predator, claim 500 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)

  • Ancient

    As the Predator, claim 1000 Fireteam member trophies (Any Claims)

  • Sneaky Medic

    As the Predator, heal yourself when the Fireteam is within 50m of you

  • If it Bleeds...

    Wound a Predator so it leaves a green blood trail

  • Traditionalist

    As the Predator, Kill an entire Fireteam with just your wrist blades

  • Guarded to Perfection

    Successfully secure 25 Predator bodies for the OWLF

  • Mud Aficionado

    As a Fireteam member, cover yourself in Mud completely 50 times

  • Mercenary

    Play 100 Quick play matches as a Fireteam member

  • Ankle Buster

    As the Predator, Trap 50 Fireteam members in bear traps

  • Savior

    As a Fireteam member, Revive teammates 100 times

  • Precision Leaper

    As the Predator, leap and hit all 4 Fireteam members with a single leap attack

  • Vulnerable

    As the Predator, knock down a Fireteam member while your energy is overloaded

  • Mission Accomplished

    As a Fireteam member, complete 100 missions with successful Exfils


    As a Fireteam member, successfully Exfil with the entire team alive after completing a mission

  • That was close...

    As a Fireteam member, successfully defuse a dead Predator's self destruct mechanism

  • Safety Net

    As a Fireteam member, free a teammate from a Predator's net

  • Wrap Artist

    As a Predator, trap 50 Fireteam members with the Net Gun

  • Blaine's Revenge

    As a Fireteam member, unleash Mini Gun mayhem until completely depleting ammunition

  • Precision

    As the Predator, hit a Fireteam member with a combistick throw over 100m

  • Learning the Ropes

    Complete the tutorial level

  • One Ugly Mother...

    As a Fireteam member, knock off the Predator's Helmet

  • Two Birds, One Stone

    As the Predator, hit more than 1 Fireteam Member in a single smart disc throw

  • Pruning

    As a Fireteam member, shoot down 100 Tree cover branches

  • So Close, Yet so far...

    As the Predator, kill the entire Fireteam while they are waiting for the exfiltration chopper

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