3. Pneuma: Breath of Life Story

The provided videos are designed with the goal of getting through the chapter as fast as possible, and are not as good for enjoying the narrator's dialogue. That said, they will be more useful for those who get stuck, as the video does not stick around to listen to the dialogue.

Pneuma: Breath of Life | Full Walkthrough

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A new universe has been created by a new god, you. Take a brisk walk up the stairs and through the hallway you just created until you come up to a wall. After you try to pass through it normally, a button should appear from a pillar in the ground. Pressing it will cause the wall to sink. Past this is a large room with many mirrors and pillars; look around the pillars on the left side of the room to find a (1/8) Glowing Eye. One of these will appear in each of the eight chapters of the game. A video for these is provided in the above link if you'd like to get a better visual of where they are as you play.

Note: If collecting these eyes after completing the game, you can use the Chapter Select feature to reach them and quit out after the game saves your collecting of it. Since you're following this walkthrough, there should be no need for another playthrough specifically for finding these.

Color will seep into the world after the narrator decides on what it should look like, only being interrupted by a flat, white floor and a lever. Pull the lever to raise a staircase, which you can climb to get ahead. The final obstacle in your path is a bridge in three parts. Turn to the left and pass around the bend to reach three buttons that will set the bridge in place. There'll be a blue light on the ground that signals the end of the prologue, giving you your first achievement.

Note: There is a puzzle revolving around numbered paintings that takes place in the game, which can only be done after you beat the game first. It involves a lot of returning to previous chapters. Instructions and locations for these paintings will be marked in blue boxes; ignore these your first time through the game, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page on how to tackle this final puzzle.

Chapter 1

Upon reaching the metal gate ahead, you should play with your vision and the blue eye on a stand. When you're not looking at it, the gate starts to close. Vision will be the main focus of this chapter. A completely opposite gate will appear up ahead, which only opens if both eyes in front of it are in view. You'll find another gate down the path that also cannot be opened unless you're looking at the eye to the right of it. You can position yourself right in front of the gate and look at the eye at the same time, then move past the gate as it closes.

After walking down a spiral staircase, look up to find the eye associated with the wooden door in front of you. Stare at it until you hear the door slowly open, which will close just as slowly, giving you time to look at it and slip through.

After passing through this door, Painting II will appear at the end of the hall by two other paintings. Try to look at it until it changes before quitting out.

The next area is a library, but who wrote all these books? The eye associated with the next door is on the first bookshelf on the left (the right if you're looking from the door's perspective). Pull it towards the center of the hall using the handle on the side so you can see it while standing by the door. In the next room are three pillars, but more importantly, there's a (2/8) Glowing Eye in one corner of the room. Look at it until it disappears, then find the lever on the other side of the room. Use it to move the eye's pillar just barely above the height of the higher of two holes, allowing you to look at the eye while in front of the next door. Walk backwards through the door so you can pass through to the chapter exit.

Chapter 2

When entering the first room, look to the right for an eye on the wall. Get close to it and back away from it while still making eye contact to move it backwards. To keep it pushed out of the wall so it can be used as a bridge, look away from it while the bridge is out and only look at it when you know you won't be able to look at the eye. There's also a (1/5) Torch in this room. The flame is lit and extinguished when you look at it, switching between lit and unlit. This is related to a puzzle with an achievement tied to it; make sure you leave the room with the flame lit.

There are two more torches that sit in the corners of the next room on both sides of the archway you walked through to enter it. Don't worry about these two just yet, and instead walk down the stairs in this large room. Don’t pass through the door yet, though. Look to the left of the door for the next (2/5) Torch you need to concern yourself with. Don't worry if it's lit right now, though. Pass through the next door, which opens when you look at it. The small room behind it contains two regular torches that aren't related to the puzzle. The next door opens when you back away from it. Do so, then turn around and approach the door before looking at it again so you can raise it to a reasonable height. After you turn the corner, you'll see the next (3/5) Torch in the corner. Make sure it's lit, then return to the second torch and make sure the fire is burning there too. Now that these first three torches are lit, make your way back up the stairs to the twin torches that you didn’t need to worry about before. Light these two final (5/5) Torches to make nearby door open up.

There's a bridge with an eye on it that moves vertically as you do when looking at it. To make the bridge lower, jump without looking, then look while you're falling. Keep doing this until you can walk on the bridge, then do the opposite. Jump while looking at the eye and look away as you fall until you can reach the next platform. When you reach the end of it, a pillar will rise from the floor, granting you an achievement.

  • Spirit

    Completed the Spirit Puzzle


Leave the room and continue past that third torch so far away from this place. In the next new room is a bridge with an eye on it, but the eye is facing away from you. Head down the stairs (or drop down) and find the eye so you can push the bridge into place. Make sure you look away while moving to the bridge's beginning so it doesn't shift around.

At the end of this bridge room, just before the next door, you should see Painting IV amongst a pile of other things. Look at it until it changes a little bit before quitting out.

The next room contains two bridges that also must be looked at. Reach the floor and, before moving the bridges, look in a dark corner of the room (near where you started) for this chapter's (3/8) Glowing Eye. Then move the bridges into place. Following a long corridor is the second-to-last puzzle of the chapter, a slope that drops when you ascend and rises when you descend. This is the exact opposite rule used at the end of the Spirit Puzzle. To make the slope rise, jump without looking and then make eye contact as you fall. When the slope is high enough, walk up without looking at the eye. This eye functions on both sides, so look to the left or right to prevent yourself from accidentally looking at it.

The last puzzle consists of three circular platforms with eyes. These move as you look left or right. Make the first platform move towards the drop-off at the top of the room and jump to it. When you're on it, look at the platform's eye and spin the longer part of the platform towards the next (or make the eye closer to the door you came in from). Then, to make the next platform come closer, look at it to make it move towards your platform. Look down so you can reset your view without moving it and continue to do so until it’s in place. Do this one more time so you can reach the end of the room.

The final room isn’t much of a puzzle, but it may confuse you. A circular room filled with vases will have two passages leading out of it. The first is the one that you entered from and the second is the chapter's exit. Look up at the ceiling and use the eye there to rotate the room itself until the room's opening matches up with that of the chapter exit.

Chapter 3

The first puzzle in this chapter is made of several eyes with lights at the top of some. These lights alternate when you look away and look back, like an on/off functionality. To make the door open, you'll want to break contact with one unlit eye at a time and move your gaze down the line until all are lit up, opening the door.

In the next room, you can find Chapter 3's (4/8) Glowing Eye in the corner. Walk straight to the end of the room and take note of the tones the five eyes here make. The one by the door makes the deepest tone, so you'll want to look at it first. Without looking at any other eye, look to the eye in the southwest corner (assuming the door out of here is in the northwest). Then walk around the circular brick structure and look at the eye behind it, again not looking at any other eye, even the ones you've already looked at. The next eye you need to look at is the one at the top of the stairs leading to the door, with the fifth eye being just past the fourth. You're now free to casually walk out of this room.

In the next room are four clocks with arrows which count down when you're not looking at them. There's a fifth clock arrow that, when the other four clocks are still ticking, will open the door ahead if you look at it. Put yourself in the corner of the room nearest the four clocks and make sure you can see all four, then drop through the gap between the second and third clocks so you can look at the final clock in time to activate it.

The next room contains a sliding puzzle. Although it makes no sense at first, you simply need to look up to find a second sliding puzzle that correlates with the first. If you move the piece on either board, it'll be reflected in the other. Find the side closest to the puzzle's goal and plan out a route to move the piece there.

The next room contains two chests with five red buttons on the front and five colored squares on the back. The buttons you press respond to the squares on the opposite chest. Press the buttons that correlate to the white squares, then completely look away from the squares on the opposite chest as you walk over to its set of buttons. If you look on accident, the squares will alter themselves and you'll have to fix the button combination. Correctly solving the puzzle will cause the water level to fall.

Walk down the stairs until you find a set of twelve holes in the wall - another puzzle. The bricks in these holes increase in size when you approach them while looking at them, but all holes that you look at must also be able to increase. If you're looking at ONLY six holes, some half full and some empty, then all six will fill when you move closer, making some full. However, if you look at all six again, then they will not fill, since some are now filled and thus are not able to increase in size. You'll have to make sure you're only looking at empty/partially filled holes to make them increase. Solving the puzzle will make a door behind you open. Follow the hall to a room with a black circle in the distance; look at it and slowly glance upwards towards the sun (directly above you) and blot it out with your black circle to make another pillar appear.

  • Body

    Completed the Body Puzzle


Now that that's out of the way, move on ahead to a more colorful puzzle. All triangle sides must match up with each other and the six outer pieces in terms of color. To start, use the center node to move the triangle with a red, yellow, and dark blue side to sit in front of the red piece of the outer area. Then simply rotate the triangles until everything is in order. With this puzzle solved, walk all the way back upstairs to the two chests to find the chapter exit.

Chapter 4

This chapter is going to be very short. First, before you go anywhere, turn around and you should find the chapter's (5/8) Glowing Eye on the ground. Then move to the first room. Two doors are connected by an eye with an on/off function. By approaching the door, you should have opened the first by turning the eye on. While near the open first door, look away and look back at the eye to turn it on, then quickly pass underneath before it closes.

In the next room, use the eye to pass into the central area, where there's a staircase to the left. Use the staircase to close the door that allowed you access to the staircase in the first place. As you can see, this eye controls both doors in this room. Walk along the top of the first door (when the door is down, of course) and move to a position where you can see an eye just barely peeking out from past a slight opening in the wall. This will close the second door, synchronizing the two doors' positions. Drop down by the first eye and look at it to open both doors at once, allowing a beam of light to hit the glass ball near the room's start.

A metal gate will fall once the mechanism has received light. Walk through and you'll see five rotatable objects with eyes on them. Walk to the front of the closed door leading out of here and, starting from the top, rotate the pieces so the eyes face the door. Position your vision so you can view all eyes at once, opening the door at your back and allowing you to reach the chapter exit. And with that, Chapter 4 is done.

Chapter 5

This chapter contains four paths, all of which must be completed. The doors to these paths are at the far end of the starting room and are marked with large Roman numerals above them. The first puzzle on Path I is a set of tiles, some white and some with a symbol on them. The tiles will alternate when you look away and look back, so play with your vision until you can turn all tiles white. The next puzzle is very simple and is in a room full of large, weight-activated floor tiles. An arrow on a wall in here will tell you exactly the way you need to walk on them in order to continue ahead. Continue up the newly opened stairs to a circular room.

You can find Painting III on the right side of this room, on the wall.

The circular puzzle is quite easy; the center does not move, but the rings around it do when you walk on them. Each piece has a wooden stick somewhere alongside it, and these sticks are meant to line up. Solve the puzzle to open a large metal door. The next puzzle is going to be far more complicated, however. You'll notice four towers with pieces that would be able to connect to each other if they were lined up properly. There are also four small pillars at your level, which you can move around on your own. The opening into these towers is on the one in the southwest (assuming the south is where you came from). Move its associated pillar piece until the opening is facing south, then look around the room and make a path from one area to the next until you can reach the southwest tower's fourth structure (the only one with four pieces). Press the button at the top of the tower to finish Path I. Return to the starting area to start Path II, or some other path; they don’t need to be done in order.

Path II starts with six levers that correspond to chunks of the floor in another corner of the room. Use these to create a staircase (turn your camera after grabbing a lever) to the next room. The next puzzle has two sets of buttons, with the left set being the one you can interact with. Make the pressed buttons match on both sides to open the door to a gazebo. Stand inside the gazebo and look up at the small black ceiling, then spin in a circle to allow light to shine onto the floor. This will complete Path II.

In Path III, you'll find three glass spheres rotating around a glowing one. There's a button on the north face of the fountain, which you should press when all three spheres line up to the east. This should happen every time the sphere nearest the light approaches the east. With all three spheres stopped, look through them to the light to open the gate ahead.

The second puzzle contains four more glass spheres and several lights floating about the walls. Look for the sphere with a III at its base and smush your face up against it so you can see through it; you should have an angle set up where you can see the other spheres with balls of light behind each one, and since you're seeing them through this sphere, you'll activate it as well. Pass through the gate to a big metal ball and simply keep walking in circles around it as you look at it. This will complete Path III.

Path IV's first puzzle is comparatively easy to figure out. Just move the shapes on the wall so you can build a path to the exit on the other side of the room. The puzzle pieces don’t exactly line up with what you're seeing, but are instead rotated at a 90* clockwise angle. Don't forget to walk down the ramp to the grass below and snag a (6/8) Glowing Eye near some wooden boxes before entering the tower, however. Inside the tower is a small staircase that sticks out of a pillar, but only if you're not looking at it. As with every staircase in video games, it's best to go up the stairs backwards. Do so to reach the end of Path IV.

With all four paths complete, return to the starting area and pass through the now-open door to the end of the chapter.

Chapter 6

There'll be a gap in the first real room of this chapter that, when you approach, will be topped with a thin path. Walk to the left (west) when you reach the center to reach Puzzle I. The lights on the ground activate when you look at them while near them; simply stand near the center light and jump to solve this, then pass over the light bridge to Puzzle II to the east. This consists of only a sundial that you merely need to look at until it finishes moving. Solving both puzzles opens the path to the north.

Press the first button you come across to flip the tower in front of you so you see the opening for Puzzle III. There are two rooms in this tower that have pressure plates in them. Make the colors on them match with the images on the opposite wall's image to solve it. Keep in mind the corners of the puzzles and the images, as the one with a plus in it will need to be entered at a different angle. It's also worth mentioning that you can walk around the edges of the room with no consequence.

Press the button that flips the tower once the puzzle is complete so you can move to the last large area. There'll be a staircase to your right leading down, and in the southeast corner of the room, you should find another (7/8) Glowing Eye. In the middle is a small enclosed room with a vase and four buttons; to make things easy, we will be assigning each button with a cardinal direction (NSEW) with south (S) being the way you entered from. To start, press SWSSS to open the path to the east. You'll soon come across a circular stone piece that moves left and right as you do.

Underneath this piece is a staircase leading to two paintings. Reach the staircase by walking to the edges of the piece's room and fall off so you can walk underneath the piece. The first room after the staircase consists of four eyes that, if they see you, will start to close the door ahead. Hide behind a stone bench closest to the door and wait until it's fully open before running inside. Look up to find Painting V and Painting I near the ceiling. You'll want to look at Painting I first until it starts to change in color, then quit out and continue hunting the other three paintings. After viewing the other paintings in order, return here to look at Painting V (do NOT look at Painting I at all costs, or it'll reset everything) to open the door leading to the end of the Soul Puzzle.

  • Soul

    Completed the Soul Puzzle


Cross the stone piece to reach Puzzle IV and walk all the way up to a blue flame. The flame will fly from one glass sphere to the next when you look at the flame from an empty sphere. Pass the flame through several glass spheres until it's inside the room with the cardinal direction buttons. Press the buttons EESS to open the path to the west, then take the flame to the final sphere. You must then watch an eye fly over you toward the path to the north.

Press WSE to reach the door you just opened and reach the end of the last real chapter.


It's raining. Follow the path and look at the eyes on boulders to move them out of the way. Once you reach a tree, take note of the room you're in. It's actually a big, black box with fog. Pick up the last (8/8) Glowing Eye in the southeast corner before checking out the tree.

Soul Puzzle

After finishing the game, you'll need to make use of the chapter select feature on the main menu to travel to specific areas. The goal is to look at five paintings in order, shown in the chart below. Use the text in blue boxes found higher up in this page to locate and observe each of the five paintings. Once a painting has been looked at, it should turn a slightly different color. You will be free to quit out to the main menu once this happens, making the puzzle much less tedious than it otherwise would be.

IChapter 6
IIChapter 1
IIIChapter 5
IVChapter 2
VChapter 6

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