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  • Titanium DragonTitanium Dragon117,772
    08 Jun 2019
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    Paralogic is a surrealistic walking simulator. The story is told out of order, with the end coming at the start, and then the rest of the plot showing how you got there. It’s a truly strange piece, and nothing in the story is really explained to the player. There’s a few NPCs, but none of them are particularly forthcoming in terms of the plot, and while there are dialogue trees, what little roleplaying you do is pretty limited and had no obvious consequences.

    It’s really hard to describe Paralogic as anything other than “borderline incoherent”; there are some mysterious tapes you’ve been hired to take somewhere, and you’re not supposed to watch them or else bad things™ happen. There isn’t really much more to Paralogic than that; there is no significant “gameplay” to speak of, and no challenges. You skip between various locations and events, and it isn’t even always clear when in the plot a particular event is happening, or even if you’re playing the same character in some of the scenes. There are a small number of low-fi locations, and the overall low fidelity of the graphics of Paralogic is played up deliberately to make the whole thing feel even stranger and more disconnected.

    I didn’t really ultimately feel like I engaged with this; I basically played it because I got it in the Humble Monthly and it was supposedly pretty short, which it was - despite the ostensible 2 hours of playtime Steam says I spent on this, it was really closer to 30-40 minutes. There’s some achievements for doing some random things during the story, and none of them felt really important or significant.

    On the whole, it’s hard for me to really say anything terribly positive about this piece. Paralogic felt like it was weird for the sake of being weird, and it didn’t feel like it had any sort of point to it. I never connected with it.