2. Overcooked General Hints & Tips

As stated on the previous page, I highly suggest you play the game with someone else, and preferably with a controller for both of you. If you have only one controller, you could either split the controller's inputs in half, which will be a bit awkward for your hands, or one of you can use a controller while the other uses the unfavorable keyboard controls. Keep in mind that having more actual players will increase the score you need to earn 3 Stars, but since having more people means you'll get more done, it's merely a means of proportions.

Most of the time, my friend and I weren't able to get 3 Stars on a level the first time we played it, and we had to figure things out to earn the score we needed. This walkthrough consists of what we've figured out about each level, which should make things a lot easier for you. Try not to be too frustrated with the game if you're having a hard time on some of these levels, especially in the later chapters.

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For each level, you need to have earned a certain number of Stars in order to advance ahead. Since you should be 3 Star-ing every level as you get to it anyway, this shouldn't be a problem; the required amounts of Stars are not listed because it shouldn't matter if you're aiming for a total of 90 Stars anyways.

By progressing through the base game and DLC, you will earn various Versus Mode kitchens and additional chef characters to use. There are no performance differences in the chefs and all are merely a cosmetic change, but it's a good idea for any active players to use different cooks to prevent any confusion as to who is controlling which cook.

As for in-game tips, it's important to know that you can drop dishes and food on the floor with absolutely no penalty; the floor is regarded as completely clean, so you can drop a whole bunch of ingredients on the floor for easy access if need be. You can also use this trick to prevent cooked food from burning without having it take up counter space. Speaking of burning food, any kind of food that you have to heat will eventually burn if not removed from the heat source in enough time. The fire will also spread across nearby tiles in the kitchen, so it's important that you always know where the fire extinguisher is in each level in the event that you need to use it to put a fire out. Burnt dishes will have to be washed, but if you think that'll take too long, you can also drop the burnt dish in a ditch, hole, river, or some similar pit to have it reappear on the counters clean as a whistle.

Dirty plates that are returned by the conveyor belt can/will be picked up in a stack for easy transportation to the sink to be cleaned, but clean dishes cannot be picked up in the same manner. The only place that clean dishes are stacked are by the conveyor, but only if they come back clean in specific levels.

Finished orders give you a base score of +20, with a tip depending on the amount of time left on the order marked by the colored bar on the top of the order card. Tips are naturally going to be larger when there's more time on the meter, so keep that in mind if you're in a time crunch and need to just get one last order in to surpass the 3 Star threshold. Orders that fail to be made within the time frame will reduce your score by 10, so try to stay on top of things when you can. If an order fails as you're making it, don't toss it; it's very likely that someone else has ordered the exact same thing, so keep it around for when that order comes along. It might already have been placed as an order.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to score what you need to much easier than you would normally be if you went into the game blind. If some of these tips don't make sense to you now, they probably will after you play through a few levels, so come back to this page if you need a refresher.

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