Mosbys Confederacy Achievements

Here is the full list of all 13 Mosbys Confederacy achievements.

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  • War Hero

    War Hero: Recognition for outstanding leadership and skills

  • Pack Rat

    Loudin County is like a warehouse for weapon storage

  • Horsing Around

    Was it really necessary to stable 35 or more horses?

  • Union Victory

    Mosby got, 'got'

  • Pistoleer Extraordinaire

    You are a wizard with a pistol

  • Sharps Dressed Man

    You armed your men with outstanding weaponry

  • Swift Rider

    You are among the best horsemen in the county

  • Lookout

    The whole county informs you on the enemy movement

  • Undertaker

    Maybe you should not have thrown away so many lives of your men

  • Caretaker

    Your efforts to secure the best medical care have been rewarded

  • Supply Train

    The Union might as well have driven a supply train right to your house