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    Mind Snares: Alice's Journey is a typical Artifex Mundi production. As such, it alternates between hidden object game sequences (where you are presented with a cluttered scene and must find a specific list of objects), point-and-click puzzles (pick items to use on specific spots + some mini-games) and cutscenes (to put some story in your game).

    I would summarize the plot thusly: Alice is a severely overworked office lady who can't say no to her boss. On her way to comply with a last-minute request from him, she sees a creepy hooded figure and gets into a severe car accident. Trapped in what is quite transparently her inner world, she has to travel to four different dimensions and gather totems that will help her reach the exit.


    + Competent hidden object game scenes
    + Okay voice acting
    + Okay background art
    + Achievements are straight-forward and easy to collect


    - Infuriatingly non-sensical item puzzles
    - Boring mini-games that are far more tedious than complex
    - Terrible animations
    - Generic and utterly stupid protagonist
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    If you've already played and enjoyed many Artifex Mundi games, then wait for a bargain and/or bundle to get this one, as it clearly is not one of their best.

    For everyone else: stay away from this game. There are plenty of similar ones, by Artifex Mundi or others, that have a better plot, better production values, better mini-games and, most of all, that won't make you rage at the screen every time you're forced to employ a convoluted scheme to solve a problem instead of a more obvious solution. Worst offender:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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