MicroWorks Achievements

Here is the full list of all 100 MicroWorks achievements.

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  • Paranormal Janitor

    Capture all ghosts as a hunter in the "Ghosthunt" boss.

  • Ghosthider

    Avoid getting caught as a ghost during the "Ghosthunt" boss.

  • Friends With A Ghost

    Save a ghost friend being captured during the "Ghosthunt" boss.

  • Frogrunner

    Pass 3 obstacles in under 30 seconds in the "Jetfrogs" boss.

  • Professional Frog

    Finish the "Jetfrogs" boss without any deaths.

  • Sticky Situation

    Pull in a player with your tongue and cause them to die in the "Jetfrogs" boss.

  • Viva La Kai

    Hold the flag for over 10 seconds in the "Kai With A Flag" boss.

  • Yoink

    Frag a player who just picked up the flag, and pick up the flag instead in "Kai With A Flag" boss.

  • Flagbait

    Frag a player using your flag in the "Kai With A Flag" boss.

  • Dodgebot

    Survive the entirety of the "Dodgeball" boss.

  • Uno Dos Tres

    Strike out 3 players in the "Dodgeball" boss.

  • Just Warming Up

    Strike out a player on your very first throw in the "Dodgeball" boss.

  • In Crab We Trust

    Finish the "Jump The Rope" boss without dying, and while holding the crab.

  • Coco Fever

    Stun a player with the coconut in the "Jump The Rope" boss, and have them lose.

  • All's Fair In Jump The Rope

    Push a player unto the rope in the "Jump The Rope" boss.

  • Knowledge Is Power

    Answer over 5 questions correctly in the "Trivia Mastermind" boss.

  • Floaties Off

    Finish the "Trivia Mastermind" boss without using any lifesavers.

  • Snooping As Usual

    Use "Answer Peek" in the "Trivia Mastermind" boss, and get the answer correctly.

  • Last 2 Fall

    Be the last person left in the "Don't Fall" boss.

  • Icebreak

    Break over 3/4th of the ice rink in the "Dont Fall" boss.

  • Bombs Away!

    Throw over 15 bombs in the "Don't Fall" boss.

  • On The Hue

    Survive all 10 rounds in the "Falling Platforms" boss.

  • Instruction Processor

    Successfully survive over 3 special instruction sets in the "Falling Platforms" boss.

  • In The Nick Of Time

    Get on the right platform during the last second in the "Falling Platforms" boss.

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