Laika: Aged Through Blood Achievements

Here is the full list of all 42 Laika: Aged Through Blood achievements.

  • Hunger

    Kill A Hundred Hungry Beaks.

  • Loss

    Kill A Long Lost Woodcrawler.

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  • Misery

    Kill A Caterpillar Made of Sadness.

  • Downfall

    Kill A Gargantuan Swimcrab.

  • Sacrilege

    Kill Pope Melva VIII.

  • Heresy

    Kill the Two-Beak God.

  • Creation

    Remember when Puppy arrived.

  • Demise

    Remember when Ava left.

  • Schooling

    Remember your first shot.

  • Arsenal

    Obtain all weapons.

  • Gun

    Upgrade the Revolver to the highest level.

  • Shot

    Upgrade the Shotgun to the highest level.

  • Bolt

    Upgrade the Crossbow to the higest level.

  • Crosshair

    Upgrade the Sniper Rifle to the highest level.

  • Machine

    Upgrade the Machine Gun to the highest level.

  • Rocket

    Upgrade the Rocket Launcher to the highest level.

  • Bowels

    Craft all the viscera sacks.

  • Armory

    Craft all the weapon holsters.

  • Cookbook

    Discover all the recipes.

  • Vision

    Reveal the full map.

  • Sound

    Find all the cassette tapes.

  • Player

    Play blackjack for the first time.

  • Winner

    Earn 1000 viscera playing the blackjack.

  • Gift

    Give Puppy all the treats.

  • Band

    Reunite the Wastelanders.

  • Corpse

    Die 100 times.

  • Carcass

    Die 500 times.

  • Skeleton

    Die 1000 times.

  • Killer

    Kill 100 enemies.

  • Psycopath

    Kill 500 enemies.

  • Genocide

    Kill 1000 enemies.

  • Cook

    Cook 10 times.

  • Cheff

    Cook 50 times.

  • Gambler

    Play blackjack 10 times.

  • Ludopath

    Play blackjack 50 times.

  • Pack

    Achieve a x6 combo.

  • Flock

    Achieve a x12 combo.

  • Herd

    Achieve a x16 combo.

  • Excursion

    Cover 50 km.

  • Journey

    Cover 200 km.

  • Voyage

    Cover 500 km.

  • Empire

    Take down all the memorial statues.