Knockout City Achievements

Here is the full list of all 50 Knockout City achievements.

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  • Taking Out the Trash

    In Galaxy Burger, KO Finish an opponent with a trash chute

  • Hasta Luego!

    In Back Alley Brawl, Avoid a thrown dodgeball by entering a Tube

  • Get Off My Lawn

    In the Hideout, tackle the T.A.R.G.E.T. Dummy off the roof

  • Pendulum

    In Concussion Yard, ride the wrecking ball for 15 seconds straight

  • Earning Miles

    In Rooftop Rumble, glide from the Bandstand to the Gardens

  • Traffic Circle

    In Knockout Roundabout, ride a car all the way around

  • Garbage Disposal

    In Galaxy Burger, fall through a trash chute

  • Dangerous Delivery

    In Back Alley Brawl, throw a ticking Bomb Ball into a Tube

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