Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Achievements

Full list of all 22 Jagged Alliance: Crossfire achievements.

  • Warrior Within

    Recruit Shenyen

  • Khanpaa Warrior

    Recruit Roshan

  • German Weapons

    Recruit Dariush

  • True Believer

    Retrieve the relics

  • Showdown Temple

    Kill Jurijen

  • Business Partners

    Unlock the trader Dodo

  • Godlike

    Liberate the Temple on hard difficulty before Day 5

  • Tactician

    Liberate Khadwan with tactical mode ON before Day 3

  • Self reliance

    Witness miltia defend their home against an enemy squad without your help on the worldmap

  • Bullet Sponge

    Revive a dying militia recruit

  • Warhero

    Have one mercenary reach level 10

  • Field Experience

    Gain 30 Level ups with one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs

  • Resupply

    Receive 10 shipments from Bobby Ray througout a single playthrough

  • One man army

    Have a single mercenary kill over 200 enemies in a single playtrough

  • Dead man walking

    Revive a single mercenary over 20 times in a single playtrough

  • Mule

    Have a single mercenary in your service for over 10 days without ever killing anyone

  • Frankenstein

    Total damage taken by one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs is passes 1000000 hitpoint

  • Economist

    Make 200000 $ via your daily income during several playthroughs

  • Hired Loyalty

    Reach a total amount of 1000 days in service with all mercs across several playthroughs

  • Bloody Snow

    Retrieve the suitcase