Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Achievements

Here is the full list of all 30 Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora achievements.

  • Franky Hater

    Shot Franky - an adorable, helpless, friendly little gumshoe - a bunch of times. Harsh man, harsh.

  • I Would Walk 500 Miles

    You walked 500 miles worth of beat. Way to go!

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  • I Would Walk 500 More

    You walked 500 more. You're the Investigator who walked 1000 miles!

  • Wobbly MK 2/3

    Your non-lethal service revolver. An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age.

  • Toil and Trouble

    The bubble rounds were probably a joke, but they seem useful, and Franky likes them, so - net win.

  • Cat Burglar

    So THAT'S how the perps got into Ossified Egg. They're fun, too!

  • Fire Bug

    The fiendish gleam in Franky's eyes when she sees the torch rounds tells you - never, ever let Franky have the torch rounds.

  • Blast of Silence

    All bang, no buck. Your hands are sweaty, but you know why.

  • Gumshoe

    You always wanted someone to call you a Gumshoe, but never figured it'd involve literal gum.

  • Flower Girl

    The flowers make Franky sneeze, but you like them, so Franky can just deal with it.

  • Goldie

    They smell like angels ought to smell.

  • Sterling

    They're what's inside of you. What's keeping you alive.

  • Hot Tin

    Tennessee Williams would be proud of you.

  • They Were Never Here

    The Blind Mice were never brought to justice, and in fact, you were only vaguely aware that "The Blind Mice" were a thing of which to be aware.

  • They Got Off Easy

    Getting away with murder emboldened them, leading to a life of crimes numerous and far worse.

  • They Went Away

    The Blind Mice went down for murder in the first degree, and were sentenced to life in prison.

  • They Cut A Deal

    Xtra Kleen's timeline began with you. Extra-dimensional bathrooms everywhere owe their cleanliness to your achievement.

  • Business As Usual

    Adrien Fois went on to buy an even nicer suit, with gold threading hand stitched by a starving rat.

  • The Fall Guy

    As opposed to Max, he spent his 10 years in a white collar minimum security resort. They have conjugal visits, you know.

  • The Middle Manager

    Upon his release, he found that his office at Hi-Table smelled curiosity of cat pee. He was never able to find its source, and was eventually forced to vacate his posh corner office.

  • The Deathbed Conversion

    Adrien Fois now wears t-shirts and suspenders, and his most beloved hobby is bowling.

  • A Milk Dish Served Cold

    Button had kittens. Shelly attempted to throw the kittens out onto the street, but they were taken in by Jooseppi, who happened to be running another protest in front of the Ossified Egg.

  • Bad Kitty

    Button went away, and received no legal or financial support from the Bundts ever again. Shelly immediately adopted a new orphan kitten to train in the ways of prudishness and pomp.

  • Like A Cat

    Button received a reduced sentence of 5 years, served 2, and walked out of the prison's gates and into the paws of Flynn. They went on to have multiple litters of alley kittens, and their Family prospered.

  • Loose Cannon

    It was all the Chief could do to keep Franky out of jail. You and her ended up with jobs as bussers at the Slice of Pi.

  • Gumshoe

    You broke a minor case, and totally biffed a major one, but - still. You've got your jobs, and your partner is your best friend in the world, and that ain't half bad.

  • American Pie

    When the Chief heard you'd put Adrien and Button away for good, and about how incredible a job you'd done breaking the case, he looked up and said: "get out of my office, Jones."

  • Bubble Vacation

    You broke a major case, and now Franky has a gun. You're not sure it was such a good idea to give a gun to a cat, but - she's happy with it shooting bubbles, and you're proud of her.

  • Employees Are Required

    You beat the game with clean hands. Just like your momma taught you.

  • Best Buddies

    You beat the game without Franky ever seeing the inside of a jail cell. Truly the best of buddies.