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Hero's Hour

Hero's Hour Achievements

Here is the full list of all 61 Hero's Hour achievements.

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  • Archmage

    Learn an adventure map spell at an Archmage Tribunal

  • Idolatry

    Create an Idol

  • Culture Conversion

    Convert a town to a faction you did not start as

  • Embrace Death

    Use a Forlorn Cloister with your highest levelled hero

  • True Evil

    Put 200 power worth of units to work at a Slave Pens

  • All Grown Up

    Bloodwarp a Hatchling into a Seraph

  • Showdown

    Enter combat against an enemy player with at least 2000 power worth of army

  • Wilderness

    Control 10 overgrown mines

  • Literacy

    Enter combat with a hero that uses the most overpowered Rune

  • Man Made God

    Have a hero with a sum of attack, defence, knowledge and spellpower above 100

  • Shadowpower

    Cast Shadowcasting while your hero has 50 or more spellpower

  • Puzzle Master

    Win a game on Hardcore+ and with hamlet starting conditions

  • Scrying

    Find an obelisk treasure with just 1 clue

  • Patience

    Win a game on the Patience map in less than 24 real-time hours

  • Bestiary

    Encounter 95% of all rare creatures

  • Collector

    Encounter 95% of all artifacts

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