Handyman Corporation Achievements

Full list of all 22 Handyman Corporation achievements.

  • First Steps

    Learn how to navigate and get around the game

  • Apprentice Handyman

    Finish the tutorial level by completing all of the requirements and preferences

  • Stocking Up

    Make a big purchase from the tool shop by buying every possible type of tool at once

  • Certified Handyman

    Complete a total of 5 contacts with satisfaction above 80% on each

  • Brother In Tools

    Hire your first handyman contractor

  • The Manager

    Reach a total of 10 contractors working for your company

  • The Tycoon

    Have a total of 25 contractors working for your company

  • The Perfectionist

    Complete 10 contracts in a row with all of them having 100% satisfaction

  • Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

    Being in debt is not a good thing to have around as a business owner

  • The Big Spender

    Spend a total of 10 000$ so far on furniture from the shop

  • The Best In Town

    Everyone knows you and everyone wants to hire you. The best handyman in town with a total satisfaction rate of 100

  • Someone Got Mad

    A customer got mad for the first time. It happens even to the best of us

  • Just On Time

    Complete the contract at the exact minute deadline

  • Not A Minute Wasted

    Finish a contract successfully earlier than half of the time given for completion

  • Step Up Your Skills

    Learn a perk to become better at your everyday work

  • Best At Everything

    Learn all of the available perks

  • Home Sweet Home!

    Make your dream home look however you want it to

  • People Pleaser

    Meet all of customer’s preferences on at least 5 contracts

  • Experienced Handyman

    Complete 15 contracts in total

  • Fix-It-All

    Finish a contract just by repairing stuff without purchasing anything from the store

  • Replace-It-All

    Finish a contract just by replacing everything needed even the stuff that can be

  • Solid Work Force

    Your contractors have completed 50 jobs in total