Final Soccer VR Achievements

Full list of all 21 Final Soccer VR achievements.

  • NO Drugs

    Make 10 saves in arcade without activating a power-up

  • Own goal

    Accumulate 10 balls in your own goal

  • Extreme

    Throw 2 balls out of the pitch, one on each side.

  • Strongman

    Throw a ball into the opposite half of the pitch

  • Pretty bird

    Hit a pigeon with a ball on the main menu

  • Collector

    Put 4 balls on top of the goal before they fall

  • David against Goliath

    Stop a beach ball with two balls in your hands

  • Bighead matrix

    Stop the 5 matrix balls using only your head

  • Distance order

    Stop 5 balls in a row using your hands, without them coming within one metre of each other

  • Maracas

    Make 10 saves in arcade by continuously moving your hands up and down as though playing the maracas

  • Victory

    Your arms cannot fall below your head until you stop 7 balls

  • OMG

    You must pass a simulation level by touching your head with both hands at all times

  • Benji Price

    Stop a ball with your back turned to players

  • Blind

    Cover your eyes with one hand and stop 5 balls with the other

  • United States

    Get United States gloves

  • Milan

    Get Milan gloves

  • Barcelona

    Get Barcelona gloves

  • Social

    Win a multi-player match

  • Promise

    Start a simulator match with 5 consecutive saves

  • Consolation prize

    Get to within one ball of passing a simulator level

  • Handless

    Don’t touch any balls on any level