3. Figment Story walkthrough - Outer Cerebrum & Cerebrum City

Outer Cerebrum
After the opening cutscene that sets the scene for the turbulence that we're about to fight, we join Dusty in the depths of the mind. He is sleeping peacefully in his rocking chair in the Outer Cerebrum when he is woken up by Piper, his flying companion. Dusty isn't too pleased to be woken up and drops his scrapbook. He wants a drink but it's warm and he has no ice, so he sets off to find some.

Follow the lily pads to the right, away from Dusty's house, until you reach a choice of paths. Take the lily pad path to the right. At the end of the path is an orange battery that's powering a windmill. Take the battery and go back to the junction. Take the pencil path to the left and kick the switch. Another pencil path appears that leads to the ice machine, but it's missing its synapse battery and won't work. Place the orange battery in the battery socket and the machine will power on. Pick up the ice cubes and return to Dusty's house.

When Dusty returns, he finds both his drink and scrapbook have disappeared. A purple Nightmare has stolen it and you'll automatically pursue him until he jumps across to another island. Get on the moving bridge and cross to the next island. Keep following the Nightmare up an elevator and across another moving bridge. The Nightmare will throw a bubble of despair at you. Roll through the void (by pressing SPACE or the right mouse button) or walk around its edge; it can't harm you but will fix you to the spot if you're not careful. When you reach an island with an elevator that is missing its metal disc and approach it, you'll instead automatically take the pencil path at the bottom of the screen. This time the Nightmare will throw a Tentacle creature at you and you'll need a sword to defeat it.

Return back up the path to the island with the broken elevator. Take the lily pad path at the top of the island and roll through the voids. At the end of the path is a metal disc. When Dusty picks it up, the mind will release a bunch of endorphins in the form of small silver bubbles. Collect these by running over them and you'll receive your first bonus health point where your overall health is increased. This one is not counted for the achievement -- that will come later. Return to the broken elevator and use the metal disc. Go up the fixed elevator to find Dusty's wooden sword.

Go back down the elevator and pick up the metal disc at the bottom. Return to the Tentacle. When a small black void circle appears on the ground, this means the Tentacle is going to strike. Attack it in the few seconds that its head is on the ground. Pressing Left Ctrl or the left mouse button will produce a standard attack. You can hold down those buttons for a charge attack. When the Tentacle is defeated, it will release more endorphins, so make sure to pick those up. Follow the Nightmare to be attacked by another Tentacle. Defeat that one too and pick up its endorphins. You'll soon come to another building.

Knock on the door of this building for Outer Cerebrum Door #1.
Outer Cerebrum

Place the metal disc on the broken elevator and take the elevator to the roof. Follow the path between the buildings to come across some endurance neurons (green bubbles) rotating around a tree. If your health is not full, attack the tree to knock the neurons loose. Each neuron recovers one section of the health meter. If your health starts getting low, these neurons are dotted throughout each of the game's levels. Be sure to use them to fill up your meter if it's needed. Head down to the front of the building.

Knock on the door of this building for Outer Cerebrum Door #2.
Outer Cerebrum

Ignore the path at the bottom and instead head up, past the building, to a switch that you need to kick twice. Cross the pencil bridge and approach the next switch. You'll be attacked by two Tentacles. Despite being two separate enemies, they share a health meter, so killing one will kill both of them. Collect their endorphins and then kick the switch twice. Cross the pencil bridge and collect the blue battery. Return to the switch and kick it twice again. Go across the pencil bridge and place the blue battery in the battery socket. Cross the pencil bridge to reach another switch. Piper will spot the game's first memory.

Kick the switch to start the bridge moving. Return in the direction you came and pick up the blue battery. Go back to the bigger island and kick the switch twice. Cross the bridge, pass the building and go down the pencil path at the bottom. Use the moving bridge to reach the battery socket and place the blue battery in it. Two new pencil paths will be created. Cross to the island and pick up Remembrane I.
Outer Cerebrum

Collecting the above memory will reward you with your first achievement:

Go past the switch and follow the stone path at the top. You'll encounter the Nightmare again and he'll surround you with three Tentacles. Now would be the ideal time to hit them with a charge attack. If you manage to hit all three at once, you'll get the following achievement:

  • Blademaster

    Hit 3 enemies at once with heavy attack

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If you manage to kill two of them with the same strike, you'll also get this achievement:

There will be plenty more opportunities to get these achievements so don't panic if you don't manage them here. Follow the Nightmare out of the Outer Cerebrum and into Cerebrum City. Doing so will get you the following achievement:

Cerebrum City

Follow the path into Cerebrum City to see the Nightmare leap onto the roof of the building. You'll follow him, but first it's time to explore. The path to the right leads to a twisted tree. Underneath the tree is where the collected remembranes can be found and you can easily check your progress here to see which ones you've missed. Return to the large multi-occupancy building to knock on some doors.

Start with the door on the bottom left and work your way along the bottom floor first. There are 7 doors along here.

3. House of Reason
4. House of Nerves
5. House of Party
6. House of Optimism
7. House of Anger
8. House of Compassion
9. House of Pride

Head up to the top floor. There are 5 more doors here.

10. House of Order
11. House of Stress
12. House of Apathy
13. House of Destruction
14. House of Nostalgia

You can see the locations of all of these in the screenshots below.

Cerebrum City

Cerebrum City

Cerebrum City

Knocking on all of these doors will get the following achievement:

Follow the Nightmare onto the roof of the building. He'll enter the Gate, which will break. Mayor Relic tells Dusty that he'll need to defeat one of the other Nightmares if he's to fix the Gate. The first Nightmare is in Freedom Isles and the Mayor grows a seedling that will allow Dusty to plant a path to that part of the mind. Pick up the seedling and return to the bottom floor of the building. Go all along the bottom to the right of this building, past the House of Nostalgia, and follow the stone path to the right. Plant the seedling to grow a massive leaf that will act as a bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path into Freedom Isles.

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