FX Eleven Achievements

Here is the full list of all 19 FX Eleven achievements.

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  • Collector

    Win 5 titles in any country.

  • Efficient

    Play 2 consecutive finals in the same competition with any team.

  • Lost finals

    Lose 2 finals of the same competition with any team.

  • Jinxed

    Fall 3 times in the same qualifying round of a certain competition.

  • Chosen One

    Promote one or several teams to a higher division at least 2 times.

  • Savior

    Save one or several teams from relegation at least 2 times.

  • International

    Classify one or more teams for the FX Europe Cup or the FX Euro League at least 3 times.

  • Giant Killer

    Win 5 games against superior teams during the same season.

  • Derby expert

    Pull off at least 3 wins and 2 ties against the same rival in 5 consecutive derbies.

  • Specialist

    Under your leadership, a player is named MVP of the league in his position.

  • Attacker

    Manage the team with the top scorer of the season.

  • Defender

    Manage the team with the least amount of goals conceded in a single season.

  • Professor

    Give 3 youth division footballers the chance to play 20 games each (as starters or substitutes).

  • Wanderer

    Manage a full season in two different countries.

  • Double

    Win 2 titles in a single season.

  • Triple

    Win 3 titles in a single season.

  • Not so fast

    We will be watching.