1. Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough Overview

Hello, and welcome to the TrueSteamAchievements walkthrough for Final Fantasy VIII. You may recognise me from such walkthroughs as the True Steam Achievement walkthrough for Final Fantasy VII! Or not. This is my personal favourite of the series, a game my mum first rented for me from Blockbuster when I was off sick from Middle School for a week. In that week, I only got to Disc 3, but, having already played my next-door neighbour's copy of Final Fantasy VII, this cemented my love for the series as a whole. Since that time, I have beaten the game multiple times on the PS1, and, obviously, as soon as it came out on Steam, I gobbled it up like a fat kid shotgunning funnel cakes at Christmas.

This guide is the culmination of playing the original Final Fantasy VIII on the PS1 for roughly 20 years or so, a variety of Let's Play's (once again, HC Bailey is the man), online FAQs, and the official strategy guide. One thing to note is that the Steam version also comes with the PocketStation mini-game that runs as a separate executable. Which is nice, given that the Pocketstation was never released outside of Japan. It also has a feature called 'Magic Booster', which basically allows you to acquire a bunch of magic on your save file for free.

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