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Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome Achievements

Full list of all 70 Expeditions: Rome achievements.

The base game contains 60 achievements, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 10 achievements.

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  • Morior Invictus

    Incapacitate an enemy shieldbearer without ever dealing damage to their shield.

  • Tuebor

    Incapacitate an enemy with an attack of opportunity.

  • Accipe Hoc

    Incapacitate more than 3 units with a single catapult strike.

  • Causa Mortis

    Trigger a dismemberment for every limb.

  • Ante Omnia Armari

    Start a fight with every weapon type equipped by one of your characters.

  • Mors Tua Vita Mea

    Perform a takedown with every type of weapon in the game.

  • Cum Gladio Et Sale

    Shred 10 points of armour from the same character.

  • Per Pedes

    Move 42 hexes or more in a single turn.


Death or Glory

7 (12%)
Death or Glory
  • Age Quod Agis

    Win an arena fight after reaching 80 negative audience approval.

  • Ad Leones

    Have one of your characters get incapacitated by a lion.

  • Contra Spem Spero

    Win a fight in any arena with only 1 character left standing.

  • Peccatum Originale

    Cover every hex in the arena with oil, water, caltrops, fire, or scorchmarks.

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